Not Most People Series

Source: Liwayway Magazine / In this photo: Cyndi Lauper accepting her Platinum record award for her “True Colors” album given to her by an OctoArts International executive during her “A Night To Remember ’89 Tour” in Manila

Brillante Mendoza (left) being interviewed by yours truly during the 2009 Bangkok International Film Fest after screening his Cannes entry, “Kinatay”.

Kean Cipriano

JC Tizon

Collection of features & interviews  of “Not Most People”—special or unique celebrities and/or people who live an extraordinary life.

  1. Charice: She’s Not Most People!
  2. The Other Side of Marco Manalac
  3. Cannes Festival 2009 Best Director Brillante Mendoza
  4. Interview With Charice (Singha “Dreams Come True” Showcase) Pt. One
  5. Charice Live in Thailand (Singha “Dreams Come True” Showcase) Pt. Deux!
  6. Taylor Dayne Tweeted My Blog…And Facebook Too!
  7. Not Most People Series: Kean Cipriano
  8. JC Tizon: Little Did You Know About G:Boy
  9. Cyndi Lauper: She’s So Not Most People!
  10. Cyndi Lauper Wins Her First-History Making Tony Award!

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