‘Ta’ Warit Tipkomuth Does Swimwear This Summer

It’s summer time once again and as usual, the April issue of Volume Magazine never fails us to shock by giving us famous actors/celebs to wear in their skimpy swimming trunks. This year, they were able to convince lakorn actor, ‘Ta’ Warit Tipkomuth to grace as the male model for their cover along with female model Donut…

Check their other photos in the gallery below…

8 thoughts on “‘Ta’ Warit Tipkomuth Does Swimwear This Summer

  1. Oh my effin’ gawd! CEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Is this really you as in YOU?!? Remember me?!? Ikaw ba talaga ito, our WonderCee?!?

    (I’m sorry kung paulit-ulit. Dunno if my comments are posting)

    • hi merrick,
      yes yes yo it’s me! and i’m soooooooo freakin’ glad to hear from you too! just got back to bangkok from my chiangrai songkran fest trip so my apologies for not posting your lovely comments til now. miss u too buddy!

  2. I’m sorry for the later reply, my dear Cee. Oh I’ve missed you, teh!

    I was very sad that day when I had a chance to check your blog only you’ve left it and left us, empty. I returned a couple of times to see if the wish that you’d have a change of heart woul come true.

    Heto na nga, pagpunta ko after months, merong sign of your return sa previous blog. I’m just so happy that you’re back! Glad that once again, you’ve allowed us into your life. 🙂

  3. Anyway, this guy’s supah hawt. He reminds me of a college acquaintance of mine. I wish we had publications here in the P.I. who had this powerful convincing power. *sigh*

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