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Cyndi Lauper Sings The Blues On Her Birthday

Cyndi Lauper celebrates her 57th birthday today along with the release of her new CD, “Memphis Blues”. According to her, she didn’t plan it that way but her friends said it’s fantastic. Lauper quoted, “But I don’t believe in astrology. You can use a lot of tools to find out where you stand, but I think you know where you really stand in your heart. You can be the master of your own destiny.” That, I agree. Toronto Sun has the full details.

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Charice Glee-fully Joins The Cast

Hurray Charice fans out there! The rumour is finally turned in to a reality…Charice joins the cast of America’s latest TV sensation, Glee. The 18-year-old international singing star will play a foreign exchange student with vocal chops that will give Rachel some serious competition, according to Entertainment Weekly, which first reported the news. Yahoo TV  and ET have more.

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Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears’ Rentboy Ad

Yup. And Jake’s “out rates” only costs $11.99! Yes, that’s the new rate of their new album , “Nightwork” from iTunes coming out this 28th June. Ethansays gives us more info & pics from his blog.

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“Pendong” Movie’s Premier Night Is A Success!


“Pendong had a very successful premier night last Sunday at SM Mall of Asia. The star studded affair was attended by the lead cast comprised of Felix Roco, Will Devaughn and Alwyn Uytingco along with the other stars & crew of the movie.  After the red carpet & screening, the whole cast & crew went for their exclusive after party at the Hooters. If you missed the premier night, don’t sourgrape fast as regular showing starts tomorrow June 23 at SM Digital Cinemas. Watch the movie and take the ride of your life!









Atbp. is the Filipino abbreviation for “At Iba Pa” which means “and others” in English and “etc.” in Latin. As the PAST (Philippines’ Ambassador to Showbiz Thailand), I thought of launching showbiz tidbits around the world to make this blog sa-picier (as how Thais pronounce the word “spicier”).

For a start, let’s have our very own Charice…

New Pop Princess Charice Still Climbing at the Billboard’s Chart

From last week’s #9, Charice’s “Pyramid” single climbs up the Billboard Dance Club Play Singles Chart two notches up landing #7 this week. Not just that, Charice was dubbed by New York Post as the new Pop Princess and is set to have her fourth appearance at the Oprah Winfrey Show this May 11 to launch her first international album. Congrats once again Charice! You are truly a pride of our Pinoy race!

‘Ta’ Warit Tipkomuth’s Magazine Cover A Hit

My earlier post about it here dated 10 April showing pics of Thai soap opera star ‘Ta’ Warit Tipkomuth in his first skimpy swimwear photoshoot was selling fast like hotcakes!  (I wonder if it’s partially because of Donut too!) According to him, “The reception has been great, I can’t even find it and buy it. The salesperson at the store told me it sells well. Everyone around me likes it. My close friend likes to tell me, it’s big (laughs), referring to my muscles.” {Source}

Hanson’s Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’

Mmmbop! That’s Hanson brothers dancing in the video of their new lead single, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” from their new album, “Shout It Out” out this 8 June 2010. I’m so diggin’ the song with its catchy tune and infectious video! Watch it  here.

Scissor Sisters’ Night Work

Uh-huh! That’s the cover artwork of the American electronica, alternative band Scissor Sisters. The album will also be out this 28 June 2010. Any thoughts???

Whitney Houston’s Nothing But…

…appalling? Whitney’s “Nothing But Love World Tour” seems to be a big disappointment from many fans. It all started in Brisbane when the once powerful voiced diva couldn’t deliver most of her high-belting songs like “I Will Always Love You“. One fan even said that she couldn’t even entertain a dead rat! Ouch! And in her recent Birmingham gig, she faced the same criticism and even angry fans demanded refund. Poor Whitney, she may have sold platinum from her last year’s comeback album (thank goodness for the huge help from her old-time mentor and big record exec Clive Davis) but she couldn’t escape the fact that she lost “it”…her voice. No offense meant Whitney fans but luckily I never bought any of her albums except a second-hand one of her The Bodyguard soundtrack. Thinking about those who purchased her millions of records before and it all mostly went to DRUG ABUSE…tsk!tsk!tsk! Perhaps, she should have asked Charice to deliver her song for her…

Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues

One woman’s lost is another one’s gain! Whitney should take notes from the woman of the hour and fellow 80’s contemporary, Cyndi Lauper who is releasing her 11th studio album on her birthday this coming 22 June entitled, “Memphis Blues“. The still very unusual, energetic and healthy 56-year old pop diva has that powerful voice, charm and even sense of humor to make her audience laugh, sing & dance from her recently concluded April concert. Watch her comical skills as she talks about Facebook, Madonna and Lady Gaga here and see for yourself why people still love to see her perform live from the video here. Not just that, she currently appears at “The Celebrity Apprentice“, supports the LGBT community by launching “Give A Damn Campaign” which shocked the world when Anna Paquin revealed her sexuality thru it and caused the site to crash, a book about to release sometime this year from Simon & Schuster Publishing, an upcoming reality TV show from Mark Burnett and an award from NARM (the music business association) For Creative Achievement and a continuation of her tour this June…it is obvious that Cyndi is the artist of the moment. Did I mention that she’s also the current MAC Viva Glam endorser along with Lady Gaga and Barbie made a doll for her for their “Ladies of the 80’s Collection”???