Not Most People Series: The Other Side of Marco Manalac

This special interview with “Equus” star, Marco Manalac is my second of my “Not Most People Series” featuring famous “unusual” people and my very first interview for the said series. And when I say “unusual”, it has something to do with being “extraordinary” of that particular person I’m interviewing whether it may be his or her talent, personality, skill, etc. The Q&A that you are about to read shows the other side of Marco Manalac, the guy behind that sweet, angelic face.

C: Prior to engaging yourself as a commercial model at such a young age of 14, as a child, who was Marco Manalac then?

M: Marco Manalac was a shy kid, who was fascinated with comics. He found a connection with Peter Parker, a meek high school student who never really fit in.

C: Was it really your dream ever since to become an actor? If not, what was your childhood dream?

M: I’ve always wanted to act, but if we’re talking about dreams… I’ve always wanted to be a comic book writer. Actually, I’ve always wanted to be a writer in general. I discovered my passion for acting a little later on.

C: Growing up as a teen, what was the naughtiest thing you ever did, honestly?

M: Having ninja wars around my village. My friends and i would dress up as ninjas and have little battles all around the village. It caused some trouble for the village.

C: The next question is a little bit more “sensitive”. Before I throw the question, are you that “brave” to face my next “sensitive” question?

M: Let’s give it a shot. hahahaha

C: Here we go. As the saying goes, “We can’t please everyone.” I’ve read comments from various blogs and most them came from “gay divas”—divas because of their being tactless and yes sometimes, rudeness. And most of them have this gaydar antenna. Bottom line: most them have this common feeling or thinking that you are “gay”. What’s the truth and how do you feel about it?

M: I only get turned on by women. I fantasize about Olivia Munn, Jessica Alba, and Megan Fox. People say i am TOO crazy for Tiffany from Girls’ Generation/ SNSD. I have a girlfriend that I’m just ALL over. I’m straight as an arrow. I don’t feel offended.

C: Like what Samantha Jones said to Smith Jerrod in one of the episodes of “Sex & The City”: “First comes the gays. Then the girls. Next is the industry.” Do you think you are now this close to superstardom since many think you are gay?

M: I think I am still very far from superstardom. I don’t think superstardom has anything to do with being thought of as homosexual. I think at the end of the day, you become a star by excelling in your field and being recognized that you are the best at what you do.

C: Gay indie films are very rampant these days. Do you have any offer so far?

M: No. hahahaha Although I’m trying to find a perfect superhero movie for me.

C: In Equus, they require you to do frontal nudity for the sake of arts and not most people can do that. What about in film? Would you do it given the right script & the right role with the right team and may I add, the right price?

M: If the role calls for it, then I will do it. As long as it is not just for the sake of nudity. There has to be a purpose, especially in these morally corrupt times. I’m NOT doing porno, definitely. I might get diseases hahaha

C: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

M: 5 years from now, I hope to be a host/ VJ/ actor/ human rights defender/ rock star.

C: Many are asking about the exact play dates of your portrayal in Equus as they’re afraid they might not “catch” you there and instead your substitute. I believe this is the right time now for you to plug all your current & future endeavors. So go ahead…

M: I’m not sure about my shows, the division of shows has not yet been finalized. But nevertheless, watching Red Concepcion will be a marvel… and time for the plug! everybody please vote me for the MYX VJ search 2010 by sending MYXVJ 10 at 2366! Thank you! God Bless!

So there you go Marco Manalac in his most “naked” self more than the naked scene that you will see in “Equus” play this July…xoxo Cee

Extra special thanks to Gian Carlo Vizcarra (Marco’s Manager)

for coordinating the interview :->

5 thoughts on “Not Most People Series: The Other Side of Marco Manalac

  1. This is a great interview. Job well done Cee! Marami kasing mga malditang bakla dyan na akala mo kung sino para manghusga. It’s good to hear this straight from Marco’s mouth. See you at the play Marco!

  2. Bakit marami namang bading na may asawa’t anak pa nga eh. Pero kung talagang straight sya eh di masaya. Good luck!

  3. @Lady Gayga…thank u :->
    @Blondie…thank u…yup just for everyone’s peace of mind ;->

    Btw, catch marco on the last play date on July 25 and get a chance to party with him afte the performance…details from one Anonymous reader:

    for those people asking about marco’s sked, MARCO WILL PLAY ALAN STRANG ON THE CLOSING SHOW of “EQUUS” then a party will follow!

    visit this site:!/event.php?eid=104036819648596&ref=ts

  4. hi Carlo.Great job in doing the was superb…I saw Marco Manalac’s play and indeed he was very good.I even had the chance to ask for his autograph and he was real nice.I guess ganun talaga sa showbiz, no matter how a good a person you are , people will always have a bad thing to say about you…More Power to you Carlo and to Marco as well!

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