Not Most People Series: Charice Live in Thailand (Singha “Dreams Come True Showcase”) Pt. Deux!

Nine days ago, Charice came to Bangkok to promote her Billboard #8 ranking self-titled debut album, “Charice”. Nine days passed by but the memories are still fresh as if it was only yesterday. The “Chaster Fever” is still high and mighty and with Warner Music Thailand’s genius execution, both the interview and concert became a hit, but most importantly, giving this international Filipina songbird a recognition she truly deserve with an estimated 3,000+ people (including Thais and Pinoy community living in Bangkok) who came to see her, feel her songs and hear her VOICE. The part one of this series, a “pep talk” with her along with other Thai media and fellow Filipino panelists, is already creating a stirring global internet sensation and recognition from Charice’s international fan sites: Charice Mania and Diva.Charicemusic.CA. The part two of this series however contains less texts as this site is a photoblog, I’ll let the photos speak louder than words.  

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The crowd before the show starts

Notice the signature of Charice on the banner of this Thai fan?

Of course, the Filipino fans have their own version of their banner too

VIPs start to arrive including Thailand’s Dancing Queen, Christina Aguilar, a fellow Filipina singer showing support to a fellow “kababayan” artist.

The “Charice Meet & Greet Winners

The Arrival: Fans screamed on top of their lungs as soon as they peek the arrival of the Pop Princess escorted by security men.

Opening Act: Zani, grand winner of Thai Academy Fantasia 6 who sang three songs: "I Hate Myself", "Fair" (Thai song) and "What's Up"


After Zani's performance and interview, the emcee introduced Charice on stage---everyone went ga-ga over her the moment she walked up the stage. She greeted everyone, "Sawadee kah!" and uttered "Kap kun kah" when asked if she knows any Thai language during the brief interview.

After the brief interview with the emcee & Zani, they went backstage and the Video Intro of Charice from her very young days as a child singing in amateur singing contest in the Philippines to her You Tube days up to her Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres' TV guesting were shown before she finally came back to stage for her first performance

She sang "I Love You" Remix version, a very danceable tune which I believe will top the Billboard's Dance Club Play chart if released

Singing from her heart as the crowd dances, "I said I Love You, I Love You, I Love You" and she meant it wholeheartedly

Then she introduced her next song, co-penned by her and dedicated to her Filipino men..."Reset"

The Filipino fans went wild as she raps the Tagalog part of "Reset"

Then Charice belted out with "The Bodyguard Medley" where she was known for in the first place

She sang her own rendition of "I Have Nothing" and gave us the goose bumps as she shows off her multi-octave vocal range

Then she continued by belting out the prolonged, 'And I...' verse of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" as equally as powerful as Ms. Houston's version

Her next song, "In This Song", a story of her life penned by musical genius himself, David Foster, was a heartfelt song. You can empathize with Charice as she sings each lyric with her soul & heart in it.

After her emotional "In This Song", she asked the audience if she missed out any song.

Everyone chorused, "Pyramid"! While singing, the monitor behind her showed the crowd singing with her signature "Pyramid" hand gesture

Charice as she ends her smash hit, "Pyramid"

She left the stage for a break. During that time, the emcee called three contestants on stage who have any of Charice's ringtone on their mobile phones. The emcee then asked each to sing a Charice song followed by asking them to create the biggest "Pyramid" gesture using their body. The winner took home a Charice framed photograph duly autographed by her. The winner...and look at the lady beside him =)

The emcee called back Charice on stage. For her encore, Charice dedicated "Halo" to all her fans whom she regarded as her "guardian angels" all throughout her career...and to her Mom who has been there for her all this time.

Charice did not just sing "Halo" the way like Beyonce did, she put her self in the song with teary eyes

And man, didn't she put tears on this Thai celeb (sorry, dunno her name) and the crowd which I saw on the screen

She bid goodbye to her fans with promise that she will come back in October with David Foster & Friends for a concert. She thanked both her Thai and Filipino fans whom she cannot distinguish who is who

A very hospitable Charice showing her 'wai' gesture to the sponsors & organizers of her stint

As soon as she left the stage, the security & officials escorted her on the way out as a lot of fans want to meet her. The photo above shows fans taking photos of themselves on a backdrop outside Siam Discovery

To watch her videos, here’s a link from pingchp.

More fantastic Charice photo galore in the gallery below…enjoy!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This feature would not be possible at all without the creative talent and sharp eye of my photographer Aui of Khomsom Photography…thank you so much for bringing Charice and all the other subjects into LIFE using your lens. Kap kun kap.

UPDATE: Aui also has a few more photos to share from his new blog, K7Fashion.



11 thoughts on “Not Most People Series: Charice Live in Thailand (Singha “Dreams Come True Showcase”) Pt. Deux!

  1. no other international celebrity singer i have followed like this.Charice has that magnetim in her voice. Once you started listening through her performance u will not stop longing for some more they call it u will be” CHADDICTED”.And for sure in no less time she will become the most popular and gigantic singer in the world. She will conquer the whole planet.

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and comprehensive photoblog. This “Chaster Fever” will soon become CHAddiction which has no cure. LOL

  3. thanks for the are a great help to those fans longing to see pics of her performance because they were not present in the event..:)

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