Some Nude Photo “Slices” of Arak “Pae” Amornsupasiri

WARNING: This entry contains some nude photos that may not be suitable for people under 18 years of age.

As Philippines’ Ambassador of Showbiz Thailand (PAST), it’s my patriotic duty to report to you all sorts of info regarding the showbiz world here in the Land of Smiles! Last time, we have featured a wholesome Thai celeb, Witwisit ‘Pitch’ Hiranyawongkul, this time, let’s give way to one of Thailand’s hottest “idols” (mind the open & close quotes…please!) and is dubbed as the “Bad Boy” of Thai cinema…Arak “Pae” Amornsupasiri.

Pae was a rock star band member turned model turned actor. He was also notable last year for losing a role to be shoot in location at Laos when he was interviewed if how he will compare the women of Thailand over the women in Laos. His answer??? Better read it here from fellow blogger Dirtii Laundryer.

Bad boy? I guess so. He won the “Bad Boy” award at the IN Young Generation Awards 2009 held a few weeks back. Here’s the proof from our other fellow blogger Lyn Lakorn.

Another thing about Pae is that he is super “taklesa” (tactless)! In one magazine interview last year, he said he will never play a gay role or go nude ever in a movie. Hmmm. Then explain these screencaps from your critically acclaimed (yeah…fortunately!!!) movie last year, Slice. . .

Or maybe what he meant was, posing for a full frontal nudity…5!5!5!

The Moral Here: As a gentle reminder to all those aspiring “stars” (mind the open & close quotation marks again please!) especially to those who are just new either here in Thailand or Philippines or in any other part of tinseltown around the globe, “Do not eat what you sh*t!”. In short, don’t talk if you are not sure of  what you are saying because like the other saying goes, “You can never can tell.”… period.

8 thoughts on “Some Nude Photo “Slices” of Arak “Pae” Amornsupasiri

  1. Hi Lady G…Thanks for post. Dati ko ng sinusubaybayan itong batang ito sa dati mong blog at Magazinedee. Por pabor, pwedeng makipabili ng DVD nito pag-uwi mo dito? LOL!

  2. i don’t think his like that he he he his a nice naman…hindi ko nga kilala siyta then one day siya ang maghawak ng tali habang umaakyat ako ng bato, at maka survive kami sa zipline, he wants to stay his feet on the ground….well siguro sa front ng camera ganun ang dating pero payak naman siya….

  3. Whoever post this video was too negative with this guy. You really did not know him well. Do you know he is the one who play guitar on weekend at super market areas to collect money in order to help visually impairment person. Do you know as well he works so hard to help and take care his family. If not ; so,why the —- you post something positive and real about this guy.

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