Not Most People Series: Cyndi Lauper Wins Her First History-Making Tony Award!

cyndi lauper GETCyndi Lauper made another history today by winning a Tony Award for Best Original Score! She is the first solo female to win the category. She made a history in 1984 for being the first female artist to spin-off four Top 5 singles at the Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. Coincidentally, her “Time After Time” song reached #1 on the chart dated June 9, 1984—same date where she won her first Tony award today. She is also close to securing her EGOT status (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) now that she has a Grammy (1985 for Best New Artist), Emmy (1995 for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series; also nominated in 1994 for the same category) and of course, a Tony award June 9, 2013. Congrats Cyndi!

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