Not Most People Series: Interview With Charice (Singha “Dreams Come True” Showcase) Pt. One

She’s not most people…indeed! As soon as the 18-year old songbird’s self-titled debut album , “Charice” landed #8 at the Billboard’s Hot 200 Album chart,  this Filipina singer truly made her home and the rest of the Asian race proud. In support to promote her album, Charice made Asian stints in Korea, Philippines, Japan and of course in the Land of Smiles, Thailand which was coordinated well by Warner Music Thailand. A supposed Malaysian tour after her stint here in Bangkok was postponed due to unavoidable urgent matter in the US.

Before The Interview

By some strange stroke of luck, “I’m Not Most People!” (where Charice is a no stranger with already a number of features already blogged about her) got an invite from Warner Music Thailand for a group interview with Charice on the same day of July 23 where she will perform at Siam Discovery.

As a blogger, I always consider that we bloggers are the ‘new indie reporters’. If they have a so-called, ‘indie filmmakers’ as counterparts of those ‘commercial filmmakers’, then the ‘usual reporters’ must have their own counterparts too. Just a thought as many of you may raise your eyebrows as high as Mount Everest ;-P

The Media people while waiting for Charice to arrive.

2:40 pm, that’s the scheduled time of the interview. So we (with my partner in crime, artistic & professional photographer Aui {Khomson Photography}) were advised to be at the conference area (which was so difficult to find as we later clearly understood why due to strict security for Charice) 15 minutes before the said time. When we arrived at the waiting lounge, there were already a lot of co-Media people there. That’s where I met Jose, a Filipino photographer who commented in my blog the prior day with a link of their community site, Siam Pinoy.Net. Along with him is Hedda, who will conduct the interview on their behalf. Of course there’s Janice, another Filipina who is actually a heavyweight champion (no pun intended) and professional singer herself.

There, we were already briefed by the Warner Music Thailand execs that we can ask Charice everything except for two issues: 1) the facial muscle pain procedure that Charice underwent recently and, 2) GLEE.  The former I have really no intentions of asking her at all for I do believe that one doesn’t need an education to learn common decency. Charice deserves better relevant questions than some idiotic, peskying “issue” in which I truly believe that Charice shouldn’t be blamed at all—100%. I was more fascinated of asking her about her upcoming GLEE casting. In fact, I’ve asked my friends in Facebook to post their questions or comments for Charice in which Broadwayworld correspondent Oliver Oliveros immediately responded with fantastic queries for Charice about GLEE. But then we weren’t allowed.

I didn’t give up that easily when one of the Warner Music Thailand’s female execs briefed me about the limitation of the interview as she later generously asked her Boss if I could ask Charice those GLEE-related questions from Oliver.

That's Mommy Raquel in red shirt (again no political pun intended here) just before Charice arrive.

With another Warner Music Thailand exec whispering to me the final verdict

In the Press Con room, finally the final “verdict” came in. The answer was: I’M SORRY BUT NO. But that’s, “OK,” I said. Again I tried to understand the situation that it could be about the label issue which is absolutely fair enough for Warner Music Thailand who arranged this event for Charice. Fortunately, I still have Carlo Orosa’s (Charice’s ‘Little Big Star’ fellow contestant Sam Concepcion’s manager) which the execs allowed me to ask.

During The Interview

Charice finally arrived. She sat so comfortably with a huge backdrop behind her with the logo of Pullman Hotel where she was checked-in. Yadda, yadda, yadda, I let the others to ask Charice first for me to dig-in some worthy, on-the-spot replacement questions for her.

Prior to my first uttered, impromptu question, Charice was asked by a Thai media man if how does she feels now that they call her the “New Voice”. So I followed up by throwing her a query if she knows how many octaves does she have. “I have no idea, you mean like G flat and all that? I have no idea,” as she answers with sweet smile and giggles.

My follow-up question to her was about her mimicking other artists. Does she have a newly found fellow celeb to mimic this time?  “Oh,” that’s her initial reaction accompanied by another giggle. “Perhaps you can give us a sample,” I told her. “So far, none yet. Still the same artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, The Chipmunks,” she replied.

A few more moments passed by, I noticed that Charice was not just confident answering all those questions thrown at her but she usually accompanies it with either a big smile or laughter. Comfy as it may seem, Charice was having a nice time with us…and so did us.

As soon as she heard the name Carlo Orosa, “Oh yeah,” were the first two words that came out of her mouth. I told her, “My next questions actually came from Carlo Orosa. Yeah? He asks: ‘How do you handle your new found success? What advice will you give to aspiring singers and what message can you give to your “Little Big Star” friends from where you started?'”  

Charice responds, “Uhhhh…” with a long pause. As she knew that her interviewer, yours truly, is a Filipino like her, she then decided to reply in Taglish (Tagalog-English).

“Yun nga po tulad nga po ng sabi ko kanina, you really have to work hard. Kasi nga pag minadali mo sya, lalo syang babagal. It gets slower and slower so you have to work hard. You have to do it like don’t just sing it and be like a primadonna like something’s gonna happen but then you’re not moving. You have to move, you have to do it, you have to work hard.”

From an indie reporter to feeling showbiz intrigero a la Boy Abunda,  I found myself drawn to Charice by adding more fuel to the fire with more intriguing Pinoy-showbiz related questions that I’m sure those Thai reporters are 100% clueless.

So I asked her if she has any personal message for Sam Concepcion. “Oh!” she laughs loudly this time and with me giggling in my contralto voice versus her soprano voice.  

“Well, I’m very, very proud naman sa kanya. Very proud sa mga nararating nya ngayon. I actually want to thank him because I  saw a video of him singing my song, ‘Pyramid’. I felt really happy. Flattered.”

Clearly, the girl has a point. Seeing a fellow contestant, who “beat” her from having the title of “Brightest Star” in the Season 1 of “Little Big Star”, singing a cover of  her international #1 Billboard Dance Club hit, ‘Pyramid’ is as alarming as global warming. 

“So do you still have communications with him?” I asked. “Of course but  not like everyday. He’s really a nice guy. And I’m really, really happy for what he had achieved or what he is achieving right now. You know, of course, I’m still actually wishing & hoping na someday we could have a reunion with the other fellow Little Big Star mates. Because when I did a concert in the Philippines, Sam wasn’t there.” Hmmm. Attention Mr. Carlo Orosa…period.

Hedda of Siam Pinoy.Net then told Charice that her mom has always been her coach, her best friend. “I just wanna thank her for everything that she did. I feel like no one would dare and try to bring me down if I’m with her. I felt so secured. A lot of people are asking me if I could compare her to a superhero I’d say she’d be Wonder Woman…”

“Not Darna?” I butted in and another reason for those fellow Thai reporters to knock their heads on the wall for this another clueless persona. Then Charice laughs again, “Wonder Woman.” The latter I assume most of these Thai journalists are familiar with.    

So finally, a Thai reporter finally speak up and asked her what song would she dedicate to her mom.? “I think I would sing for her “You Light Up My Life”.

Then another Thai reporter asked her if she will change her style on her second album. “Well my first one is Pop and R&B. I mean we’re not actually planning yet for the second album but we’re looking for a new song, a second single which is actually not part of the album. We’re looking for a dance song faster than ‘Pyramid’ because dance is actually “in” in the US right now. Something like Lady Gaga,” in which she admitted later on that she wanted to collaborate with given a chance.

I butted once again but this time with a relevant question from the current one. “I personally love “Nothing”, I confessed to her. “Oh yeah. I love that song. Yeah,” she seconded.

“I kept playing that song again and again and again in my iPod. Do you think this will be your next single? Do you have any idea? Like what you’ve said, this is more dancey,” I asked.

“But we are really looking for a new song that is not part of the album…but I love that song actually.  When they created that song it was of a slower tempo. And David think that they should make it a little faster and it went well.”

Then I continued by asking her about her song, ‘Reset’ in which she actually co-wrote. “Yes, yes,” she excitedly replied.

“You actually rapped the Tagalog lyric parts of that one,” I added. “I was talkin’ to David and he was like, “There should be a Tagalog word here,” everyone laughs. “A few kids are gonna kill you if you are not gonna do that,” she said in a very humorous way.

“Are we seeing Charice to compose more song?” my follow up query. “I do love composing songs actually. But not right now. I mean, c’mon, he’s David Foster. I’m just enjoying right now and maybe on the next album.”

Yadda, yadda, yadda, I gave way for others to ask Charice until it’s my time to ask her again a very important thing that she would like to impart to my beloved readers, particularly for those “not most people” like her, like me, like us.

“Charice I’m from ‘I’m Not Most People!’ blog. And I have blogged and featured you many, many times as a matter of fact, I specifically included you in my “Not Most People Series”…so meaning to say you are unique in your own sense and your own style and I’m so proud of you,” I honestly told her. 

She humbly reciprocated me with a smile and by saying, “Thank you.”

Then down to the bottom line, “What do you think is your message to my readers. You know, for those who are unique but they cannot express themselves or they have some dreams but they are afraid of something. What is your message for them?”

“I used to be like that when I was younger but I always felt like I need to show my talent. I always thought that maybe people won’t like it (her singing) but then you have you’re parents who will always be your #1 supporter and they will push you to carry on. And I realized that maybe someday, my talent will be noticed too (in which she obviously and triumphantly did). I think the best is to wait patiently, don’t be shy to show it (talent)…

“…if you have it, flaunt it,” I added.

“If you feel like you have it, prove it. You know. It doesn’t matter if other people won’t like it. I mean they’re just jealous because you have it and they don’t  have it,” she advised.

“Yeah but not most people can sing like you?” I argued in a comical way and  we ‘dueted’ with our laughs once again.

“Hindi naman,” she humbly replied in a very shy manner. “Every single person in the world has their own talent even though it’s not seen. Wala namang masama kung ita-try. Yun lang yun eh. Try and try until you succeed. Wag lang makikinig sa mga negative things kasi kasama yun eh. Kasama yan talaga. Sila yung magta-thrive kung talagang malakas ka. And I’d say that you just have to be really, really be strong,” she emphasized coming from her heart.

Then another Thai reporter asked, “Many people ask if you have a boyfriend?” speechless Charice then immediately responded with a super laugh instead.

“Aminin!” I teased.

“No. I’m not ready right now because I’m enjoying what I’m doing right now. I’m lovin’ it. Actually that’s my boyfriend (music) you know. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking, painful, but I’m in love.”

“So there’s someone special?” I heckled again. Everyone laughs. “My music. My music is my other half,” she finally clarified.


Seeing the “time is up” signal from the Warner Music Thailand exec, Hedda finally asked on our behalf if what is her message to all of us who were there and to her fans.

“Thank you for coming here and hanging out with me. I hope you’ll enjoy the show. Thank you so much for all the support especially sa mga Filipino po, maraming, maraming salamat po sa suporta. Can’t wait to come back here for David Foster’s concert in October,” she gratefully announced.

“And your album?” the Thai reporter reminded her.

“Yes. My self-titled debut album, “Charice” out now under Warner Music produced by David Foster and a lot of composers collaborated in this album like  Carole Bayer Sager, Diane Warren, Ryan Tedder who actually wrote “Halo”…”

“Billy Steinberg (Madonna’s “Live A Virgin”, Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”),” I reminded her. “Love him,” I added.

“Yes,” she smiles. The Corrs,” she recalled. “In Love So Deep,” I uttered.

“Yes, yes. I think what’s interesting about this album is that there’s a lot of songs each with different emotions like there’s a love song, a heartbreak song, an inspiration song and a special song for me, ‘In This Song’ in which David Foster co-wrote and it’s about the story of my life. Thank you so much,” she ended with deepest appreciation.

After The Interview

Kodakan and autograph session with Charice

No ink. . .

Finally, a dream interview come true with a kindred

Special Thanks

To Khun Hua, Khun Aranya, Khun Juthata and everyone at Warner Music Thailand…job well done for bringing a successful show of Charice here in City of Angels…kap kun ma na kap 🙂


My partner in crime, Aui of Khomson Photography for capturing those priceless moments and the creativity using your sharp eye…thank you friend and to Tatum for allowing me to “steal” her boyfriend for this important occasion ;-P

 * * * * * * * *

After the interview, we proceed to the concert venue to cover the much-awaited live performance of Charice.



20 thoughts on “Not Most People Series: Interview With Charice (Singha “Dreams Come True” Showcase) Pt. One

  1. Poor Filipino reporter asking irrelevant questions…like Sam who, BF… These are things of the past… Is that all what you’ve got? Come on be more creative… You can do better than that… unless you don’s have anything else…not asking others what you need to ask about Charice. She’s there on Thai Tour promoting her album… Ask her something not mentioned before… What if Justine Timberlake asked her for a date ? or marry her? If she plan to marry & have kids someday ?…What will Charice be like 5-10 years from now ?… and many more…I don’t know, you are the expert on this…I’m just a critic..It’s really a pity…Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude…

    • The question may not be relevant to you but it is relevant to others. And your suggested creative questions, come on, seriously? Justin Timberlake? And the rest of them are cliche questions that sound as tired as job interviews. Instead of wasting your time “criticizing” (which is not cool), why try starting your own blog, who knows it might be successful and might give you the opportunity to interview stars like Charice.

    • @SuperCoolCritic Yes you are soooooo RUDE! You better make your own blog and we’ll see what kind of comments you’ll get! Obviously you have a big problem, better find another place, not here OK! period!….@ Carlo thank you so much for sharing your unforgettable moment w/ Charice! nice job!

  2. Cee, indeed you did it! The mixture of questions from her Little Big Star to personal message down to her songs and the composers of her album made this interview a success! Can’t wait for the Part Two!

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  4. Thank you everyone. I’m glad you all liked & enjoyed the interview.

    @SuperCoolCritic…just like what Blondie said, those questions you suggested are so passe or cliche, remember that I’m Not Most People…there were other questions being asked by the other media people and those are not my stories to tell here.

  5. Cee, you deserved it! Kaso yung iba dyan sakim talaga! Wala man lang acknowledgement sa ginawa mo…COPY AND PASTE pa ginawa sa article mo.. tsk! tsk! Magnanakaw tlg!

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