Ananda Everingham Weeps As He Turns 30 Today!

Don’t be such a cry-baby Ananda. Everybody turns 30 eventually and it happens to be your turn today. Happy BURPday!


On Songkran “Water” Festival, Planning To Get Wet & Nadech Kugimiya’s Soaking Wet Pics…

. . .thus my longest title ever so far after my longest hiatus by far! I guess.

See, that’s what happens when blogging was replaced by Facebooking: you’ll end up prolonging the title of your featured blog just as the total number of long hours spent reading the wall posts and status of your friends in Facebook or bitching around with acquaintances and strangers whenever they check-in some place in this earth and you’re not invited or simply rolling your eyes clockwise and counter clockwise whenever you see someone post photos of their latest purchases of gadgets or their latest travels with their plus one…grrrrrr!

But please don’t get me wrong. I am not 100% mad or angry all the time these past few weeks. My roller coaster ride of my daily survival was comprised of either  (:-) or sometimes  ^,^ and mostly \\(“,)//  But hey, I’ve also had a few (:-( or :/ and rarely 😥 in some days but I guess I’m entitled to it. After all, I’m only human.

Off-topic??? OK, let’s move on…

This coming April 13-16 is the much-awaited water festival in Thailand: Songkran! It is the long holiday counterpart of Christmas season in the Philippines only it is being celebrated during summer and you’ll get soaking wet whether you like it or not!

My very first Songkran experience was in 2006 when I was still in Myanmar and I went to Bangkok for my job interview and simultaneously to have fun with my Thai friends at Khao San Road. In 2007, 2008 and again 2010, I was in Chiang Rai with my other Thai friends. 2009 I was in Bangkok but I stayed home literally. 2011 I went to Yangon after 5 years and celebrated Thingyan Festival (Myanmar counterpart of water fest) there with my Myanmar friends and my Pinoy ate. 

This year, I decided to wastespend my FUN (fingers crossed!) Songkran in Bangkok! Friday is with my complicated someone whom I met in Koh Samed and no definite itinerary yet. Then I’m out with my Pinoy “G” Mafia friends this Saturday to OToKo and dance the night away while being splashed with water and probably with bubbles too. Sunday is still open. While Monday should be just come what may slash whatever gets you through the day activity.

There was an initial invitation from my Pinay ditse to accompany her and her family to Phuket (which was a good call to decline since you’ve probably heard of the tsunami alert today that devastated Indonesia and the southern part of Thailand). In the end, my friend decided to take her family around Bangkok and its nearest outskirt areas to have fun at the various recreational and amusement parks that they haven’t visited yet which was soooooooo not my thingy after all.

On the other hand, I was being invited by my same Thai best friend to come and join them in Chiang Rai again and then go to Chiang Mai but I have to really excuse myself this time to pave way with my Pinoy “G” Mafia friends and of course, my complicated one.

So yeah, throw me some water to cool me off this summer and before I saddled up myself to work where an upcoming event 7 days after Songkran is awaiting me.

Cyndi Lauper Live in Manila Concert (Set List & Preview)

Cyndi Lauper set the mood of the crowd with her opening song, "She Bop"...and yes, she came to us, stood up in the chair & sang!

CYNDI LAUPER rocked! She literally made her Filipino fans put on their feet to dance, jump and of course, sang with her all greatest hits & newer songs last night March 17 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Well, this is just a preview so expect more pics & videos soon from my side. My internet’s taking soooooo long time to upload. For the meantime, here’s a video of her singing “She Bop”.  And yes, I was part of the crowd there starting at the 3:36 mark 0:-))

Here’s the version of my very dear friend, Giselle who shot the video.

Opening for her was Philippines’ 80’s singer, Lou Bonnevie and Rage Band who all sang 80’s tunes.

Below is the set list of the show:

  • She Bop (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • Set Your Heart (Bring Ya To The Brink, 2008)
  • When You Were Mine (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • What’s Going On (True Colors, 1986)
  • Lyfe (Bring Ya To The Brink, 2008)
  • Just Your Fool (Memphis Blues, 2010)
  • Crossroads (Memphis Blues, 2010)
  • Down Don’t Bother Me (Memphis Blues, 2010)
  • All Through The Night (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • Time After Time (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • I Drove All Night (A Night To Remember, 1989)
  • Change Of Heart (True Colors, 1986)
  • Money Changes Everything (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough (Goonies Soundtrack, 1985)
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun  (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • True Colors (True Colors, 1986)
  • [By Fans’ Request] La Vie En Rose (At Last, 2003)

(Very special thanks to my good friend Giselle for giving way and letting herself video &  take photos of me with Cyn the entire time…Giselle—I owe you one dear! Got a “Bring Ya To The Brink” original/imported CD for you this Thurs!)