Not Most People Series: Taylor Dayne Tweeted My Blog…And Facebook Too!

Most artists won’t do that but Ms. Taylor Dayne, I mean, “The Taylor Dayne”??? She’s not most people! And for that, she deserves to be in my list of Not Most People Series“.

Yes, Taylor Dayne Twitted and post the link of my previous entry about the “Elite Club of Women With 4 Top 10 Hits From Their Debut Album” which of course, includes her. I was really surprised when I opened up my Dashboard and found out from my Blog Stats with Referrers either from Twitter, Facebook or her Fans’ Message Board from her official website.

Here’s the screencaps from her Twitter yesterday:

And this one’s from her official Facebook Page:

So before I give you my special tribute to one of the world’s pop divas, let me thank her once again for sparing her precious time droppin’ by my blog and announcing my entry to her loyal fans. Ms. Dayne, it is such an honor for me and I’m so grateful for that (“,)

* * * * * * * *

Leslie Wunderman, or better known with her stage name Taylor Dayne, rose to fame in 1987 with her debut album, “Tell It To My Heart”. From then on, history followed. She is only one of those  few artists in the Billboard history to have had seven Top 10 consecutive hits in a row from a debut & sophomore efforts.

With a sultry soul voice often mistaken with that of the Godmother of Rock & Roll, Ms. Tina Turner, Taylor’s powerful voice truly helped her climbed on top of the charts from her first gold pop-dance single, “Tell It To My heart” to her other gold record ballad, “I’ll Always Love You” both in 1987 to Diane Warren penned #1 heartbreaking gold record ballad, “Love Will Lead You Back” (topped the charts both in Billboard’s Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary in 1989), Taylor Dayne “proved her love” “with every beat of her heart” by conquering her fans the meaning of freestyle music.

Personally, the most infectious and all-time favorite hit single of Taylor off from her 1989 second album, “Can’t Fight Fate” (which I owned one), is the roof-tearing and bulb lights exploding “I’ll Be Your Shelter” written by no other than legendary Ms. Diane Warren. The song went #4 completing Dayne’s 7th consecutive Top 10 hit in a row. “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah…I’ll be your shelter, I’ll be your shelter baby…” its catchy phrase made this song most-remembered for while Dayne’s sutry soprano voice provided the song with the right tempo and melody.

For awhile we didn’t hear anything from her as she concentrated on her family life. In between her her decade hiatus after her 4th album, “Naked Without You” and her second US Dance Club Play #1 hit, “Planet Love”—a song off from the soundtrack of “Flawless” movie which starred Academy Award winners Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman, Taylor went back with her 2008 CD, “Satisfied” in which the track, “Beautiful” went #1 once again on top of the US Dance Club Play chart.

Her latest song, “Facing A Miracle” became the official anthem of the Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 proving that Taylor’s still around dancing with us. She’s also currently working  on remastering her “Greatest Hits” album (I also owned one) which will include some new songs and I’m sure that’s something we can look forward to from Ms. Taylor Dayne.


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