Bulge Alert: James Jirayu

James Jirayu Bulge

Our favorite eye candy boy and still Thailand’s hottest heartthrob James Jirayu never fails to surprise us with his goodies. On his latest TV commercial product endorsement’s behind-the-scene video, it’s very clear that this boy is indeed gifted talented 😉

James Jirayu Bulge 1

James Jirayu Bulge 2

James Jirayu Bulge 3

James Jirayu Bulge 4

James Jirayu Bulge 5 James Jirayu Bulge 6


Thai Superstars’ 2014 Calendar

Despite the current political unrest here in Thailand and in spirit of the holiday season, here’s the 2014 Calendar of the Superstars from Channel 3…
jan 2014feb 2014mar 2014apr 2014may 2014jun 2014jul 2014aug 2014sept 2014oct 2014nov 2014dec 2014And here’s the cover page featuring the 5 hottest boys slash talents of Channel 3 and some close up pics of our “favorites” here for your complete visual satisfaction 😉
cover 2104james jirayu cover 2014 james jirayu apr 2014james ma cover 2014 james ma apr 2014 sept 2014 sexy sept 2014 cu 2 sept 2014 cu 1apr 2014 cu