Cyndi Lauper: 32 Years of Legacy!

Cyndi Lauper 32 Years32 years ago today on October 14, 1983, a quirky, visually colorful, vocally unique and an original artist known as Cyndi Lauper released her debut album, “Shes’ So Unusual” that cemented her career not only in the world of music, but overall as one of the most iconic women in the popular culture.

Coincidentally 26 years ago today, Cyndi held her first ever 2-night concert in Manila, Philippines. She performed her second and final night on October 14, 1989 as part of her “A Night To Remember World Tour” (and took her another 23 years later before she returned for another night of fun for her fans, including myself) 0:-)

To celebrate her legacy, I’ve created the photo above to honor a woman not only for her marvelous contributions in the recording, TV and stage industries but to also recognize her for being a philanthropist and human rights advocate most particularly her tireless fight in support of the LGBT community.

Currently, she’s in Nashville channeling her hillbilly side by recording a country album to be released in 2016…and that’s something we are so curious and excited to hear about once again from this versatile and legendary artist 😉


NSFW: Chanon Patrick Makaramani in His Alleged Birthday Suit

Today, the then Thai child star and now all grown up teen star Chanon Patrick Makaramani turns 19 years old.

patrick makaramani then now

Patrick Makaramani 4 Patrick Makaramani 1 Patrick Makaramani 2 Patrick Makaramani 3

Chanon started his showbiz career in 2004 appearing on TV soap operas. Currently, he’s one of the stars of a TV show called, “GenC-The New Generation”.

Patrick Makaramani GenC

Patrick Makaramani 5

As a star, Chanon himself has his own share of “scandal”. In November last year, he was arrested by Makkasan police after he started a fight with his taxi driver…he was totally wasted. The incident happened during the Loy Krathong Festival and apparently he celebrated Loy Krathong by punching his taxi driver in the face at 3am.

Patrick Makaramani arrest

The intoxicated Chanon reportedly resisted and yelled at police, claiming they would hurt him. He was taken to the station to pay a fine of THB1,000.

Earlier that year, there was an image from his alleged sex-cam session with a girl that leaked online and ended his career in the family-friendly entertainment industry. And yes, Filipino stars are not the only ones who know how to “make a scene”. Even here in Thailand and with an angelic face like Chanon, who would have thought that an innocent looking lad like him would land an alleged scandal like this.

I know you are all curious to have a glimpse of that pic so here’s the alleged pixelated photo scandal: WARNING (NSFW)


And here’s the uncensored (really, really NSFW) alleged photo of Chanon in his “birthday suit”