Introducing Chaiyapol Julien Poupart: “New” Shining Actor!

If you will ask me to name one actor who truly shine in the latest remake of this famous erotic Thai film, Jan Dara {now titled, Jan Dara Pathombot (The Chapter of Jan Dara)}, hands down and no doubt—it’s Chaiyapol “New” Julien Poupart.

Although New is not exactly “new” from the industry as what we thought, he has actually worked as an actor in many TV series on Channel 5 and is currently appearing in a sitcom, Pen Kao on Channel 3  for four years now. That’s right.  He had also appeared in two other films, Chua Fah Din Salai (Eternity) and Umong Pha Muang (The Outrage) by ML Bhandevanop Devakul aka “Mom Noi” who also directed the current Jan Dara flick.

The 22 years old actor also admitted that prior to acting, he had only auditioned for advertisements.  But the long wait is worth it. I am sure that with his “generous exposures”  from Jan Dara, New will be the new darling of the girls, gays and the confused ones.

And yes, New was able to expose enough skin in the movie including some salivating butt exposure. Guess we just have to wait for the next part (which is already in the making and a lot of footage has already been shot) and see if New will show more daring surprises.

In fairness to his acting, New delighted us with his comedic skills in the movie. To me, he made the entire movie more approachable…lighter in a sense that people get to laugh after some heavy dark moments from the other casts.

Check out some photos of New taken from the scenes of the movie . . .

More from the gallery below. Hope this post makes everyone’s Friday (and salary day if I may) an exciting start of another weekend ahead…with our pockets newly filled, of course 0;-)

***To fellow blogger Normanthis one’s for you.***


2 thoughts on “Introducing Chaiyapol Julien Poupart: “New” Shining Actor!

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  2. Wooo, My New, had always loved him since he started don’t need no nude scenes man, New was so cute in KaewLormPetch and Sakul Ka.

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