Charice: She’s Not Most People!

The cover of Charice's second international single, "Pyramid".

In life, sometimes, you don’t have to be a WINNER or #1 in any contest or competition in order to become a REAL WINNER or REAL #1 in the future. Charice may not brought home the bacon at Little Big Star when she placed 3rd Honor in the said contest but this didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. In life, most people judge you by your looks & tend to overlook at what you can really offer instead. Charice was one of those “overlooked talents” who lost a “contest” via text voting and I believe that it was a blessing in disguise for her. Imagine if she won that contest, she may just ended up being a “star” in the Philippines and perhaps being one of those “one-hit wonders”. Charice’s fate didn’t stop being the 3rd Honor in that contest and look where she is right now: A LITTLE STAR SHINING IN THIS UNIVERSE. Thanks to Ms. Oprah Winfrey, Ms. Ellen de Generes and Mr. David Foster who did not judge a person by its look but rather focus in one’s person potential or talent.

Charice's first single, "Note to God" made it at Billboard's Top 100 by peaking as high as #44 and at iTunes Top 10 songs last year.

I remember when I was just a little kid, I would grab a hairbrush or even a comb, look myself in the mirror and start performing as if I was in my world tour concert. And believe it or not, I’m still doing it ’til now! I would put on my iPod and turn the volume as high as what my eardrums could take and dance & lip-synch to the beat. In a way, it’s also a good form of an exercise. Sweating out to keep your endorphins alive.

Dreams are what makes us happy & inspired. But sometimes in life, no matter how hard you tried, some dreams are meant to be sacrificed in order to pursue your daily struggles. Some dreams in some cases are just meant to be dreams while some are just delayed and when that right time comes, the moment wasn’t there anymore and I think the right phasephrase for that is, “And isn’t that IRONIC???”. But keeping those dreams in your heart hoping that one day it will STILL come true is a healthy way to keep us on BELIEVING with HOPE to keep us doing what we are doing.

The alternate cover of Charice's, "Pyramid".

Back to Charice, she will release a follow-up song to her #44 Billboard hit song, “Note to God” titled, “Pyramid” slated for a February 23, 2010 release in US. That’s 2 days from now so please support her and hope we can also purchase a copy of it. Here’s a preview of the song featuring Iyaz and a remix version here.

That's me! Taken last month in Sattahip, Pattaya. What a clog!

So to Charice, you go gurl! Fill those big shoes on our behalf that most of us can’t fit in!. . .

Taken after Christmas Day and a few days before New Year's Day at Centralworld.

…and SHINE LIKE A STAR! We’re just here to support and help you CARRY THAT STAR!!!


11 thoughts on “Charice: She’s Not Most People!

  1. As a fellow Asian, I will support her and because she really has that super powerful voice that not most of us like you said has. Hey, I want that shoes too! I mean, the one from your photo krup.

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