Mark Prin Suparat

So there’s a new boy in town and his name is Mark Prin Suparat. Before Mark became Mark that he is now, little did you know that he was a pin-up boy slash model before he became an uprising lakorn star. In my old blog, I used his younger photos for illustration purposes only in my “Epilogue” feature as I thought it’d give a fresh & whole new start for me to say goodbye to my readers and push my “I’m Not Most People!” blog. And it indeed gave me a fresh start. Mark’s fresh-looking face and sweet smile did make that blog feature an aura uniquely on its own. Curious to see those pics right? Just be reminded that I intentionally overlapped my new blog logo from the old one just to acknowledge my present blog. Here we go…

Mark’s debut soap opera titled, “Love in the Shadow” earned him a nomination at the 5th Annual Siamdara Star Awards 2010 this coming 30th June along with his fellow newcomer star, cartoon-looking model boy Nadech Barry Kugimiya. Fellow blogger Lyn who thinks she’s retarded by admiring the shoulder of Mark from the screencaps from a taping of a TV show where he will be a guest has more here. Lyn, if you’re retarded, then what becomes of me??? Hehehe…If you want to read more about “Love in the Shadow”, Lyn has more here.

So what’s next for Mark now that his debut lakorn ended? Aside from receiving a scholarship from Rungsit University under the Faculty of Tourism Industry and being a part of the university’s Judo team (yes, so beware of that fact that he can kick you a**), Mark will have his new lakorn titled, “4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao”—a 4-series but intertwining soap opera. Mark will be in the series titled, “Pathapee Leh Ruk” opposite actress Chalida Wijitwongtong (pictured below).

Recently, Mark posed for In Magazine (1st & 6th photos above) along with Nadech and another lakorn uprising star, Om Akapan. I know for sure some of you have already seen the actual fashion shoots so I’m just giving you instead the behind-the-scene photos from it…

Mark’s not so shy at all…

Mark’s OK getting wet!…

…and then enticingly poses…

Curious boy…

Bonding Break time with Nadech…just curious about what Nadech saw in the mag…

A few more in the gallery below. For the meantime, enjoy watching Mark in various media forms: Mistine TV commercial with Aum Patcharapa here; a music video with Ploy Chermann here; and “Love in the Shadow” soundtrack, ‘Nhao Rak Luang Jai’ here.


9 thoughts on “Mark Prin Suparat

  1. i love u mark prin…im so obsessed wit u and hopefully yull come out wit more lakorn as the main role and would love to see u play wit other actresses…love u!!

  2. Mark prin has made me insomniac thinking only about his lokorns……. Love u💕💕 A hard core fan of him from INDIA

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