FBF: Siwat ‘Cee’ Chotchaicharin in Swimming Trunks

Siwat Chotchaicharin

For our Flashback Friday, here’s Siwat “Cee” Chotchaicharin in his first swimming trunk pictorial ever! Cee rose to fame as one of the famous Thai lakorn superstars in the early 2000’s (he debuted in 2003) under Channel 7.  From there on, he continued to act on a couple of TV soap operas and occasionally sings. He also developed a talent in TV hosting during his latter years.

Cee is now 33 years old and married to Thai actress Amy Amika Klinprathum (the woman in the below pics). Catch more of Cee’s sexiness below published last February 2014 from Image Magazine…

Siwat Chotchaicharin8

Siwat Chotchaicharin3

Siwat Chotchaicharin4

Siwat Chotchaicharin7

Siwat Chotchaicharin2

Siwat ChotchaicharinSongkran

Siwat Chotchaicharin6

Siwat Chotchaicharin10

Siwat Chotchaicharin9

Siwat Chotchaicharin11

Siwat Chotchaicharin5

Siwat Chotchaicharin 1

Siwat ChotchaicharinCover

Siwat Chotchaicharin12

Have a great weekend everyone!

TBT: The Boy Who Played Young Mew in “Love of Siam”

For our Throwback Thursday, let’s have a look at the boy who played the young Mew in the 2007 hit movie, “Love of Siam”.

arthit kao LOS 2

Young Mew (left) and young Tong

arthit kao LOS 5

arthit kao LOS 4

arthit kao LOS 3

arthit kao LOS 1

While Kao Jirayut Laongmanee (who portrayed the young Tong in the movie) continued pursuing his showbiz career after Love of Siam, young Mew a.k.a. in real life as Arthit Niyomkul seemed to have mellowed down. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that you are more curious on how does he look like now. Wait no more dearies, here’s the young adult Mew now…

arthit niyomkul CU 2

arthit niyomkul CU

arthit niyomkul back

arthit niyomkul gym

arthit niyomkul CU 4

arthit niyomkul salon

arthit niyomkul CU 3

arthit niyomkul plaid

arthit niyomkul with kid

arthit niyomkul toilet

And early this year (January 22), Arthit was seen in yet another “somewhat homoerotic”, horror-comedy flick called, “Ror Door Khao Chon Phee Thee Khao Chon Kai” produced by Poj Arnon (of “Bangkok Love Story” fame). The story revolves a number of schoolboys in Kanchanaburi’s Khao Chon Kai military boot-camp where they took part in Thailand’s version of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and twisted with a pair of ghosts for them to contend with. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes (BTS) pics of Arthit…

arthit niyomkul BTS 2

arthit niyomkul BTS 1

The movie is just a so-so one (according to most of the reviews I’ve read), but if it’s for any consolation (at least to tickle the gay patrons), here’s a “highlight” scene of the movie with these schoolboys in a shower scene…and yes, that’s Arthit (in printed trunks)! 

arthit niyomkul screenshot 2

arthit niyomkul screenshot 1

arthit niyomkul screenshot 3

Another bonus BTS pic, a “promising” Arthit for you ;)

arthit niyomkul BTS 3