Thai Superstars’ 2014 Calendar (Table Top Version)

Since it is Friday the 13th today, I thought of giving everyone some treat to make the day “luckier”. Here’s the 13-page (cover included) table top version of Channel 3’s all-star calendar for 2014.

cover 2014 mario maurer nadech kugimiya jan 2014 mario maurer nadech kugimiya feb 2014 mark prin suparat mar 2014 apr 2014 james jirayu james ma may 2014 jun 2014 boy pakorn jul 2014 aug 2014 sept 2014 oct 2014 nov 2014 dec 2014


Thai Superstars’ 2014 Calendar

Despite the current political unrest here in Thailand and in spirit of the holiday season, here’s the 2014 Calendar of the Superstars from Channel 3…
jan 2014feb 2014mar 2014apr 2014may 2014jun 2014jul 2014aug 2014sept 2014oct 2014nov 2014dec 2014And here’s the cover page featuring the 5 hottest boys slash talents of Channel 3 and some close up pics of our “favorites” here for your complete visual satisfaction 😉
cover 2104james jirayu cover 2014 james jirayu apr 2014james ma cover 2014 james ma apr 2014 sept 2014 sexy sept 2014 cu 2 sept 2014 cu 1apr 2014 cu

I’m Not Most Birthday Celebrants! (Intro)

In Pic: Mark Prin Suparat

Today is my birthday. And unlike most birthday celebrants who are either on-leave from work celebrating or somewhere else having a blast with family & friends or slash with their “special someone”—mine was a different case…at least for this year. I’ll tell you the whole story in my next post.

For the meantime, a very special thanks to all those who remembered and greeted me. Salamat na rin duon sa mga nakalimot at nag-iisip pa kung babati sila…unang araw ng Simbang Gabi po talaga ang actual bertdey ko, which is today, para laang po sa kaalaman nung mga confused na frenz ko ;-P

Most importantly, thank You Lord for another mission accomplished year…Amen!