Mark Prin Suparat’s Wettest Pics (Yet!) & Hidden Tattoo…Too!

Refresh thy memory guys! Nope, you’re not having a dejavu! If you’re wondering why the above pic looks familiar to you is because you’ve seen it before HERE but in a very vague version. And if I say: “Mark My Words”…I truly meant what I say so I’m giving you the wettest (yet) photos of Mark from the latest issue of Traveler’s Companion Mag. . .


How about him in tights and holding his bird ???


Or a shot of him in short shorts perhaps. . .


Well, you can fantasize however you want it to be but the most interesting part of Mark’s anatomy is down there, I mean, down there at his back side as little did you know is the fact that behind this lad’s sweet, angelic face hides his sorta wild side—a tattoo! Yup! Don’t worry, this is usually normal for Thai guys and believe me, I’ve seen worse than this! Click the photo to scrutinize Mark’s tattoo. . .


And if you’re still not satisfied, check out the other pic of him while lying on a spa bed. . .

So what do you think now??? Survey says. . .


Three more wet pics of him with Davika “Mai” Horne in the gallery below πŸ˜‰


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