Cee Me

Carlo dela Rosa I'm Not Most People!

Mabuhay! Mingalabar! Sawadee! Thanks for dropping by.

Carlo dela Rosa here…event organizer, ex-advertising guy, fashion/music/movie/arts/anything-creative lover, food cook & lover (sometimes a critic too he he), huge Wonder Woman and Cyndi Lauper enthusiast, Pinoy blogger currently based in the Land of Smiles (Thailand) and last but not the least, I’m not most people—as what the title of my blog insinuates or as what you “see” on the photo.

This is an “all-purpose blog with a hint of me”Like it or not.

I’m wide open for anything—

Email: imnotmostpeople@yahoo.com

Twitter: @Man_of_d_Rose

Instagram: manofdrose


22 thoughts on “Cee Me

  1. hey man! thanks for dropping by… nice blog by the way… i may do a little east asian traveling myself one of these days if ever i become successful and start earning some money to support such a lifestyle 😉 ingat!

    • Hello David! Thanks for droppin’ by. Yeah, you should expand your coconuter adventures to the nearby East Asian countries like Thailand. Just let me know and I will tour you around here. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine with your finances. Take care too! 🙂

  2. Hey dude I accedintally got into your blog site, it was cool. I think next time I go out the country I would go vist Thailand.Haha Have a nice day 😉

  3. Hi! I just stumbled into this blog and have been enjoying your posts immensely. I’ve been to Thailand a few times and have done the requisite tourist stuff.
    Just wanted to ask if it would be ok to seek your help on something: I would like to order a DVD of Best (featured in your other blog from Born magazine) from this website: http://www.unzenzor.com or http://www.alirtz.com but can’t understand the Thai language. Maybe you can help me understand…..
    Btw, I am also a Filipino but based here in Manila.
    Thanks and take care!

  4. Sawasdee khap!

    As always, I love your site, cee. I will be in Bangkok early October. Hope we can meet for coffee anywhere in Siam Paragon or Siam Center.

    • Hi Arnel,
      Thanks a lot for your admiration. A lot of people are asking me of my old site and I know this would hurt you but that won’t happen anymore. I just hope you would still support my new site.

  5. Eu queria muito ir à Tailãndia! isso se tornou uma priridade em minha vida! e este Blog esta so me incentivando obrigado por cria-lo!!


    I love August Band and Pchy !!

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