Malingering Monday

IMG_7678It’s Monday again and the weather is just so gloomy and chilly and all you can think of is to just stay in bed and fabricate an excuse not to go to work.


Cyndi Lauper & Madonna: On Helping Typhoon Haiyan Victims in the Philippines

Even pop royalties and 80’s rivals, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna are extending their love and thoughts for the typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippines.

Cyndi Lauper expressed her concerns via her official Twitter account last November 13:

cyndi lauper typhoon haiyan philippinesAnd this wasn’t the first time the Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winning artist donated to the typhoon victims in the Philippines. Back in 1989 after her first concert stint in Manila, Ms. Lauper reached out to the typhoon victims. Read the previous article here.

Madonna on the other hand, is convincing her fans to help donate via her official Facebook account through Mercy Corps:

madonna typhoon haiyan philippinesWords can’t express how grateful we, the whole Filipino nation, are to you Cyndi and Madonna! A huge thanks, hugs and salute to you both.

And once again, a big shout once again to ALL THE NATIONS of the world for your undying support! THANK YOU! God bless you all!
thank you

From Jagged Little Pill To Havoc And Bright Lights

I used to be like this. . .

I do admit that I still listen to this fuming album from start to finish everytime  angst and my alter ego is confronting me and it gives me temporary relief, an imaginary outlet to release the fire in me and be back to my normal self again after breathing it out.

But recently, I chose to be like this. . .

Mellow. Healed. Just like Alanis, I found myself striking the right balance between my angry past and enlightened present.

Allow me to end this post with a quote from a dear friend of mine:  “As we grow up, we don’t lose friends. We just learn who the real ones are.