JC Tizon: Little Did You Know About G:Boy

If you haven’t seen the movie “Batang X”, then you probably may not recognize JC Tizon. To us “Batang X” fans, we all knew him as G:Boy—the alter ego of  Bugoy. . .

Who would not remember him? In my tribute article to them last year, most of my readers who commented either admired or expressed their feelings for him. But in real life and in our real world, who is JC Tizon?

I am fortunate enough to be in contact with JC when he himself took time to comment on my blog surprisingly and from there on, we became friends (daw o!). I’m sure you are all excited to find out some “X files” from him so enjoy reading. . .

INMP: Before landing your role, G:Boy in “Batang X”, who was JC Tizon?

JC: Just a simple young boy who grew up in Binangonan, Rizal (coincidentally, his fellow “Batang X” star John Prats also resides in Rizal but in Cainta area same as yours truly). I enjoyed singing back then specially with my parents pushing me to sing. So, I think I was 5 when I started doing talent shows and such for our county.

INMP:  How did you learn about the role G:Boy and how did you get the part? Did you undergo any audition?

JC: I tried for a few parts and auditions before the role came up. I actually had a manager at the time and he was the one who told us about the audition for the movie but the actual role was still unclear. It wasn’t til’ a few months later when we all figured which role on the script we’re going to be.

INMP: After “Batang X” was shown, all of the stars in the movie became popular including yourself. How was your life as an instant young celebrity at that time?

JC: It was crazy, complete 360 turn about from what I had. Everyone knew me, and I had to do appearances everywhere, it was a lot easier to get roles and such from TV shows. It was a great experience and I met a lot of great people.

INMP: Did you get any other offers after “Batang X”?

JC: Yes.

INMP: “Batang X” made a big impact among youngsters and the young at hearts then. It also paved way for bigger roles & better exposures for John Prats and Anna Larrucea who were both products of “Ang TV”; same goes for Janus del Prado who went on with his movie career like John until now. I’m not sure though with what happened exactly to John Ace Zabarte after that, but most importantly now, and I’m sure G:Boy’s fans were wondering—where have you been after “Batang X”?

JC: I starred in a few movies with Director Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes and in a bunch of TV sitcoms. There was a horror show from a different channel and had few seasons on, then we did the “Batang X” TV series. After that, the whole singing career followed which landed me a contract for the Dragon Ball Z theme songs—I was still part of the Age Of Wonders (singing group) that time. Then we had to leave for U.S. We got here (Washington) around mid-1998 and just stayed here. I attended a school and am now building a career here in the U.S.

INMP: Do you still have any contact with any of them?

JC: Honestly, I haven’t had any contacts with them until later when found out the article in your blog. From then on, I saw everyone else including Anna, Janus, John, Junell and Jason Salcedo. Janus was a closer friend of mine during the ” Batang X” movie and TV series so my Mom and his Mom still talk even after we got in the U.S.

INMP: 16 years had gone by and still a lot of people do recognize G:Boy slash Bugoy slash JC Tizon. A proof to that was my blog entry about you guys last year and many of the readers have one household name in common in the Comments section: you. How did you feel reading those responses from your fans? But before you answer that, how did you even get to read or know about my blog post?

JC: Funniest thing is I actually Googled my own name! (lol) Then I saw your blog entry and read through it. I saw the pictures I had posted up online before and saw someone was actually keeping tabs on where I have been. I read a few of the responses and was flattered to the fact that there are still people and fans that remember me.

INMP: Did you know that there was a TV spin-off of “Batang X” which was aired last August 22 to November 21, 2008 at ABC 5? Do you know who played your role? His name is Joshua Dionisio.

JC: I heard that there was a TV show that came up. I didn’t really get to watch it or see the cast at all so I really don’t know who Joshua is, but I’m sure he did a good job. My mom had told me at one point that someone was trying to reach for me and see if I wanted to go back into the show business but I was in school at the time and wasn’t really that interested.

INMP: Tell us more about your life there in Washington. What you are up to and how’s life been treating you there.

JC: I’ve been here for quite awhile now. It’s been good here, weather’s not the same as Philippines of course but definitely appreciate the less traffic situation here( lol). Right now, I’m working for Cyclegear as a leader in one of their stores. I’ve been with the company for about 5 years now and likewise been riding motorcycles for a while now so it’s one of my passions. I’m trying to stay in the business field and at the same time have fun with it— just working a lot, like what I said, building a career. I also spend time with my family and my girlfriend a lot. I do race tracks once in awhile and take my motorcycle out there. I’ve been fascinated with cars and bikes so that’s pretty much all I do (lol).

INMP: Are you staying alone or with any family member?

JC: I stay with my parents because my dad still gets on a boat (Merchant Marine) so I don’t want to leave my mom by herself. Also, I’m the youngest so Filipino custom is for the youngest to take care of their parents 🙂 My elder sister stays with her family in the Philippines while my elder brother is in China so we’re all kind of spread apart. (Hi, Ate Khit, Kuya Jon, my nieces Jazmine and Jillian; and Kuya Dennis!) Had to add the shout out there (lol).

INMP: Do you have any girlfriend?

JC: I sure do. Her name is Mandi Torma. She’s from here and February next year, we’ll be celebrating our 5th year anniversary.

INMP: So any plans of settling down?

JC: Not yet, we don’t plan ahead, we just go with the flow… haha. We talked about doing the whole Gene Simmons thing get married 40 years down the road (lol).

INMP: Any plans of coming back to showbiz?

JC: I don’t think so…maybe. If opportunity comes across, I don’t see why not.

INMP: A lot of young actors before also disappeared then they came back and have tried on “indie films” in the Philippines. Do you have any interest in this genre?

JC: I’m not sure maybe.. I’ve seen a few indie movies here and they weren’t bad.

INMP: Let’s say there’s an opportunity who just knocked at your door, an indie “gay” film that will require you not just to play a gay role but the script also demands you to show off some skin, would you do it and why? And how far would you go baring your skin for this kind of role?

JC: I don’t think I can. I seriously don’t feel comfortable with my body (lol)… maybe if I spend more time in the gym, I can.

INMP:  Any message to those aspiring young people out there before they take a plunge into Tinseltown.

JC: Always put your education up first. Show business takes courage, persuasion and patience. It can be fun but only if you really enjoy it!

INMP: Any special words to G:Boy’s ever loyal fans out there.

JC: I just want to thank them all. All of you who remembers me! I appreciate everything and for all the support that you guys gave me when I was still in the business and until now! Much love, take care and God Bless!!!

INMP: Of course, if G:Boy has his ever loyal fans, I too have my “I’m Not Most People!” patrons. Anything you want to share with them.

JC: Thank you for taking time and even write a comment on Carlo’s blog! Opened up my eyes and see that until now you guys are still showing support! Carlo—thank you very much for everything! You are awesome!! {JC—You are very much welcome…Carlo(“,)}

One thought on “JC Tizon: Little Did You Know About G:Boy

  1. My first ever crush! Back when I was still in kinder garten haha. We used to live in the same subdivision, sa San Carlos 🙂 He was my relatives’ neighbor din. Naalala ko, may birthday party kina ate Gigi at Kuya Dennis nun, sa bahay ng mga Espejo (kung naaalala pa nya haha), kagagaling ko lang ng school tapos nagpunta sya, then we had a picture together ( kaso di ko na mahanap yung picture, so sad) syempre dahil kinder palang ako nun, ngiting ngiti lang akosa tuwa. Haha so yun, di ko sya makakalimutan kase sya yung first crush ko. 🙂

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