“I’m Not Most People!” Turns 1!

But it doesn’t mean my “overall” blogging life is as short & sweet as “1”.

Exactly 1 year ago, I started this blog as a separate medium to promote two of my participating entries at the 180 Microcinema Festival. That time, I was still manning my Man of the Rose (http://manofdrose.wordpress.com) or MODR blog—a replacement to my first-ever blog, My Magic Lasso Tells The Truth (www.whywonderwhoman.blogspot.com) or MMLTTT which piloted July 07, 2008 until it was replaced by MODR starting on February 10, 2009.

For a year with both MMLTTT and MODR , I’ve met a lot of readers who I consider as my friends. They were there commenting most of the time. And it’s a very nice treat knowing that I’ve been surrounded by people who I never met personally but whose words of encouragement, admiration and appreciation made me feel like we’ve known each other for a very long time already. It meant a lot to me.

Through my previous two blogs I’ve also met a few famous personalities mainly from the media and indie film world. That is good. But GOOD is the BEST enemy of GREAT. So I needed to reinvent. A change. Though that may affect or disappoint my readers slash friends from my two previous blogs, I followed my heart and restart a new blog, “I’m Not Most People!” or INMP. A whole new blog totally different from my two previous blogs.

INMP initially started as a personal blog tackling my life, travels and even my jobs which I referred to as “responsibilities” since “I’m not most people”. And since “I’m not most people”, I love mixing things up. Sort of a fusion. So my blogging has a hint of celebrity news mainly from Philippines and Thailand, the latter of course is for the obvious reason since I’m currently based here in Bangkok.

With INMP, I felt even more secured. More confident. The blog may not be as “popular” as before but it is certainly more rewarding in a way that it paved way for me to explore new things and eventually meet up new people. It also gave me the license slash opportunity to be this indie reporter that Ive always wanted to be since I minored in Mass Communications. Even international celebs noticed my blog. To me, these are not just mere achievementsit’s a milestone!

Talking about milestone, I coincidentally grabbed two screencaps of my Stat Counter which I consider as rare “blessings”.

One with “8,888” which means infinity. . .

While the other one is, “55,555” and when pronounced in Thai is, “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha”—as in LOL. . .

So what else can I say? Like what you see in the photo below, I’m kinda feel like floating right now. And I like it. And I’m glad that for one straight year, I was able to manage and survive with flying colors blogging to the world…“I’m Not Most People!” (“,)




3 thoughts on ““I’m Not Most People!” Turns 1!

  1. wii!!!
    happy 1-sarry cee!!!
    wow, naabutan ko lahat ng 1-sarry ng 3 blogs mo. hehe
    and since day 1, im a big follower. alam mo yan! maybe not as visible or frequent online visitor nowadays, but still a big fan nonetheless!
    remember, when i begged you to continue modr and mmlttt and i even shared your links to everywhere i could, hehe…

    still hoping modr will rise again…like a phoenix from the ashes.

    im just happy your doing great there.

    keep it up and God Bless!!!

    mabuhay ka cee!

    • i will never, ever forget you of course my dearest and “lone man standing” reader slash friend DALE! thank u soooooooo much for all your faith & support all through my 3 blogs (“,) God bless u too!

      i still owe u my “promised” email xoxo

      • sniff sniff
        am so touched cee!
        you remember me! wii
        more power to your blog, and to you and all your endeavors!

        wii, excited for the “promised” email
        used this email ha

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