World Champ Speed Racer Jack Lemvard Takes Off!

Take note of the word “take off”…it’s not hyphenated, hence, Thai-Danish champion car racer Jack Lemvard literally takes off in the latest issue of Need+ Magazine, another take note, it’s not just a magazine…it’s a magazine targeting mainly the gay market.

As a celebrity (it the sports field at least), one may ask: “Why did Jack do it?”. To be honest, I really dunno. BUT, there’s a thing called “attention-getter” and another one called “attention-seeker”. Which one it is? Again, I’ll leave that thing to you.

This was not the first time that a Thai sportsman posed for such magazine. Way, way , way back 2003, boxing champion Sirimongkol Singwancha was convicted of producing pornography after his full-frontal naked photos surfaced in the gay magazine, “Heat”. According to him, he posed for it “fun” of the photographer’s private viewing which were taken ten years ago and the nude ones weren’t supposed to be published. ‘Twas until two years after that it became sensationalized (no funpun intended) when the police raided a news stand in Chatuchak selling these naughty mags. Read the full details from fellow blogger Bkkdreamer and be cautioned with the covered nude photos in it.

History repeats itself…twice! Just last year, 2004 Olympics Silver Medalist (Boxing Bantam Class) Worapoj Petchkoom agreed to pose in skimpy undies and later found out that he was tricked! According to him, “Stage” (another magazine catering the same gay market) said to him that they are doing this shoot in his “honor” for the magazine’s anniversary issue. The verdict from the boxing association: poor Worapoj was banned for three months.

Now, who wants to bet on my fifty sethang that sooner or later, Jack Lemvard will ask the the public’s sympathy that like the other two boxers, he was also deceived to shoot in very skimpy, flimsy, wet undies??? Believe it or not, the two photos above and the other photos that you will see in the below gallery are NOTHING compared to those that I opted not to publish here as I find those really too Rated R.

Some photos are meant to be sexy. Some are meant to be artistic. Given the right concept and medium. As for the 25-year old Jack Lemvard’s photo shoot in this mag, c’mon Jack—we were not born yesterday! Just don’t go out in public one day and ask for everyone’s sympathy as we have seen it all before! So passe (how can I put a stress mark on top of the letter “e” here???)! But if posing for undies or swimming trunks is your newly found career now, then this calls for your new sponsors. Then of course, I rest my case.

Should you wish to take a joyride at Jack’s website, feel free to click here.


7 thoughts on “World Champ Speed Racer Jack Lemvard Takes Off!

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  2. thank you very much dude, maybe we can meet one day and have a chat, and maybe i can take off my undies just for u since you seem to have a big interest in it. fucking hell money is money man…
    CarLarosa something

    • You the guy who pretending to be Jack. Don’t play games on Jack he is my friend so you are a faker a really gay faker I hope you die in hell. If Jack and I know your e-mail prepare because I know what his true email is ***********@*****.com

  3. im right here lol, . I was stupid and young, kicked out the guy half way down the trip where the shoot was in hua hin that “tricked” me into doing it but what can I say, it was 4 years ago and it did open up a lot of worms and a lot harder to find sponsors abroad f.ex. Japan where I was supposed to race GT cars. but I don’t regret it it was not attention seeking it was just plain boredom and wanted to get famous but found out that it was a gay shoot when I got there, but there was a 10 man crew so I didn’t really want to be a dick, so I took my own decision to do it. if you don’t like it don’t freaking look at it, and whoever that wrote this I understand, but why all the hatred man? chill out have a beer and have a good curfew. cheers

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