Thailand Creative Event Awards Night

(Since I’m not most people and as expected that most people would wear in their very prim & proper black getup, I decided to dress up in my black sequined & 2-toned light brownish & cream-ish HOM long sleeve {oh yeah they also make sleeves & pants aside from their famous men’s undies!} matched with a cream pants from Cheq by Kaku Italy and embellished with black leather & suede Jaspal bag as I pose with our Bronze Award Trophy after the ceremony at the paparazzi/media backdrop station)

We won! Held last 24th March 2010 at the Centerpoint Playhouse in Centralworld, nabbing an Award in the Theme Event Category (the second highest category after Total Experience Category) for our “Contemporary Thai Lotus Night” was really a big honor for me as a Pinoy to be a part & be recognized by Thailand Creative Event Awards. This award-giving body is the first time ever held in Thailand and is considered to be as a national award.

Me during the cocktail reception at the foyer and standing behind the plasma screens where the entries of the Finalists/Nominees for the Theme Event and Opening Ceremony Categories were displayed for everyone's eyes.

And even though 2 of our other Finalist (as dubbed by the committee) aka Nominated entries (1 for the same Theme Event Category and another 1 for the Opening Ceremony Category) didn’t get any place at all, just to be included, be noticed and stood at par with the other big event companies who truly deserve their trophies, were just enough reward for us already. In fact, there were only 3 DMCs (Destination Management Companies) like us who got an award and the rest are all event companies so I feel flattered and at the same time humbled to be a Finalist/Nominated along with a pool of creative people.

I wasn’t nervous at all during cocktail but as soon as we sat down at the theater style seats of the venue until the program begins particularly when the emcee & actress Diana Jong (who I spoke with on her mobile last month to discuss a possible new group lead event) began announcing the Finalists/Nominees for the Team Building Activity Category…that’s where the adrenaline rush starts!

Inside Centerpoint Playhouse's theater style auditorium. This was the HUGE backdrop and stage of the awards night.

I feel butterflies or zsa zsa zsu (as what Carrie Bradshaw described it) in my tummy. Then came the Award Presentation Category & followed by the Opening Ceremony Category in which we were a Finalist/Nominee. My heart beat faster and faster as if all my blood went up in my head. And like I mentioned earlier, though we didn’t bring home any bacon, we are so grateful to be a Finalist and be able to compete neck-to-neck with these giant event companies.

The board of jusges...kap kun ma na kap mak-mak! Sawadee kap!

The board of judges while the press people take their photos. Kap kun ma na kap mak-mak for the honor that we received kap!

So after a few more awards, came in the much-awaited Theme Event Category…or in OSCAR Awards, I’d say this was the Best Director equivalent since it was the second highest award. I was really nervous. Two of our entries were selected as Finalists/Nominees. As soon as our company name’s been cited, we cheered up to gladness! My lady boss accepted the award on our behalf. After she returned from her seat, she told me to get the next one. Unfortunately, that was the first and last award that we got for the night so I wasn’t able to do my “winning moment” on stage. Anyway, a group photo along with the judges and other Gold, Silver and fellow tied Bronze winners was taken after the ceremony ended. This and other more photos will be published here as soon as we get them from Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

Of course, at the end of the ceremony, everyone did not go home empty-handed...literally! Thanks as well to this lovely folding goody bag!

For now, let me take this opportunity to give my “thank you speech” to everyone who made this award and nominations possible. . .

God Almighty, for giving me the strength to hold on to my faith especially in my darkest hours. Honor & glory is yours! My Boss/Company, for putting their trust & for believing in me despite the insinuations of my wildest, out-of-this-world & craziest ideas. Thanks, thanks really! My colleague & pinch-hitter Som, we did it na jah! Couldn’t make it without the team’s support & fantastic spirit! Our Clients for your wise move to use our services & for allowing what we have created for your group to join this competition, thank you so much! My friends especially Harold & Rinna, for listening to me when I needed your lending ears, Ms. Henree Weiner for introducing me to my boss…without you I will never be here in the first place so thanks muchly for being a “big” sister and mentor. Appreciate your words of wisdom! Last but not the least, my Family especially my Mother who told me before I left Philippines in 1999 to take my first responsibility in an ad agency in Myanmar, “Try your luck overseas. Maybe your life is not here in our country.” Mother…you truly know what’s best for me, thanks for the love and the support. You and Father’s hard work paid off…and with that, I’m eternally grateful. Of course, extra special thanks to my Readers slash Friends…you’re all my backbone! Thanks a gazillion times to all of you!

Thought for the Day: Accomplishing an event wasn’t just a PIECE OF CAKE that we have to bake, it should be done with passion & creativity no matter how hard or pressured we are on the process of making it so that at the end of the day, the best reward of this labor were the SMILES & CONTENTED FACES from the guests who truly enjoyed what you have prepared for them. If lucky enough, a TAP ON THE SHOULDER from your client congratulating you for a job-well done would be your COOL ICING on top of this cake while being recognized, nominated and winning an award would be the CHERRY on top of that cool icing!



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