180 Microcinema Festival Entries: “KOMIKA” and “FLUSHBACK”

logoYes folks! My two 180-second films are finally online for your viewing & voting via comment too! Here are the posters of my two entries:

Komika Poster mac

"Komika" can be screened under the Narrative Category

You can watch & vote for “Komika” by clicking here.

Flushback Poster

"Flushback" can be viewed under the Experimental Category

For your eyes only, watch & vote for “Komika” here.

Please don’t forget to register first…it’s for free! Once you are registered,  just kindly look for my films & CLICK THE GREEN ARROW ICON ON TOP OF THE SCREENCAPS TO VOTE. Your comments are highly appreciated too 😉 

To my other beloved fellow bloggers, you may also embed my films/videos into your blog, spread the news to your friends & relatives or create a thread  about it 😉

So from the bottom of my deepest heart, my love, appreciation, gratitude & thanks for all your support in advance.



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