Post-Songkran With Nichkhun & 2PM’s Without U

It started raining here in Bangkok even after Songkran last 16 April and this morning. Talking about getting wet, the two photos of Korean boy band, 2PM’s Nichkhun Horvejkul were promotional shots from his “Come to Thailand Let’s Take A Break” campaign to attract tourists to visit the Land of Smiles which we know for sure why it’s not such a good idea at the moment.

Anyway, you’ve seen Nichkhun mostly in his Korean, stylish and even shirtless photos but how about being more Thai. And when I say Thai—I meant it! The following pics are taken during the Songkran Festival celebration held in Korea where Nichkhun wore a colonial style Thai costume…

And if you think that Nichkhun is only good dancing the boy band way, then check the photos below…

And I do think that the Tourism Authority of Thailand did make the right choice of Nichkhun being the right face of Thailand. Not just that, according to Wiki, On March 21, 2010, Nichkhun and actress Song Ji-hyo participated in MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night” program “Danbi” where they went to the Philippines to visit a trash town in order to help with volunteer work. Being the only cast member fluent in English, he was able to directly interact with the children. So I guess he could be the adopted spokesperson of DOT (Dept. of Tourism) in Manila???

And talking about soaking wet, watch the group’s latest single “Without U” off from their EP, “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” here. Amazing cinematography!

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