triple “C”-elebration

Most people, after their blogs were launched, they will technically put their heart (and gizzard) in it. Most people but me. The very first &  last time I blogged here, I was just promoting my 180-second “film” entries for Film Development Council of the Philippines’ “180 Microcinema Festival” which unfortunately did not make it to the semi-finals round so that makes me feel like one of those “thank you girls” in those pageants.

Moving on, finally,  I decided to continue blogging since it’s already here…and that’s only one reason to celebrate. The second reason: celebrating Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year yesterday as they both rolled in one day! Did I get lucky yesterday? Did I have any previous sign that I’d be lucky? Hmmm. Well, having Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year at the same time only happens once in a blue moon so I would consider that “lucky”.  And lucky enough, I found this very interesting shirt at JJ or Jatujak/Chatuchak last January. Soon as I grab it, I knew that this would be a part of my February 14, 2010 getup whether it’ll be my same ol’, same ol’ all by myself day again or not. . .

Voila! The T-shirt says it all: “WO AI NI” or “I LOVE YOU” in Chinese. Gets nyo???

Of course, the last but certainly not the least third reason to celebrate February 14, 2010 a.k.a. “Wo Ai Ni Day” was the fact that I finally break off from my usual path every time this particular day of the year comes: I FINALLY GOT A DATE…sort of. With my Thai friends. Guess it’s better than sulking to death and/or cursing the day. Bitter? Yes. But that was before for like ages ago. Better? Absolutely yezzz!!! And does it mean that I’m most people now? NOPE. There’s always a first time for everything. An exemption to the rule. So I spared one day just to be most people and experience what most people do. And today, I’m back from being not most people…but with a hint that sometimes I can be one too. After all, I’m also human.

Most people would just stand and look at the cam. Most people but me. I wanna enjoy my moment and looking at the newly installed moving colored lighting of Rama IX Bridge---the first cable-stayed bridge in Thailand and the second longest cable-stayed span in the world when it opened last 1987, I was truly amazed how Thais would do everything just to please tourists slash expats or farangs like me.

Most people would simply stand, smile & look at the cam. Most people but me. I like enjoying my moment especially if my background is as comely as Rama IX Bridge---the first cable-stayed bridge in Thailand and the second longest cable-stayed span since it opened in 1987. Notice the blue, red & white lighting on it? It was newly installed...and it's moving! I was truly amazed by how Thais would do everything to keep attracting people or tourists, farangs (foreigners) or expats (daw o!) like me.

Here are the rest of the MIX (my term that I will use to all the photos I’m in with other people or photos taken by or from other people) during our “Wo Ai Ni Day” dinner at Baan Klang Nam 2. . .

4 out of 7 says that red wine is good for the heart! Hehehe...Cheers!

4 out of 7 says that drinking RED WINE is good for the HEART. Hehehe...cheers!

From left to right: Nu, Pond, Akkarin, Chach, Tatum, Aui and Moi!

And here our closer shots. . .

Thanks for the wines Akkarin and the digital cam Chach! Damn! Really head-over-"bridge" that view!

Pond, thanks for the Ferrero Rocher gifts...and put that mobile phone down! 555! ("5" is pronounced as "ha" in Thai)

Tatum, you really lost weight. Can I ask Aui to train me as well???

So I guess that’s all for now. “C” u all next time. Cheers!!!

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