Happy 32nd Bday David “Sam Braddock” Paetkau!

Canadian Actor David Paetkau celebrates his 32nd (but he’s unbelievably babyface) today Nov. 10. He is currently in the hit series, “Flashpoint”, one of my faves and a must-watch in my list.

And if you’re wondering by asking yourselves that he looks familiar to you, it’s because he starred in a lot of teenage thriller movies such as “Final Destination 2” (photos above), “Disturbing Behavior” and “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer”.

He also guest starred in other TV series: “Taken”, “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead”, “CSI:Miami”, “Smallville” and “Stargate SG-1” among a few.

Did you know that even before he shared the screen with love interest in “Flashpoint”, Amy Jo Johnson, David spent a year backpacking through Europe and the Middle East and spent four months living and working on a Kibbutz in Israel, milking cows??? Yup!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sam Braddock!

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