The 2 Guys of Jan Dara…

…who played as sidekicks to Chaiyapol Julien Poupart were:

Teerapong Wawwuttinan


Kavee Vee Chaisila

Little did you know, Vee’s already a veteran model of  many sexy magazines here in Thailand prior to his portrayal in the movie. Teerapong on the other hand, posed for one magazine (that I know of) just very recently. To prove their existence in the said movie, here’s a pornopromo pic of the two supporting actors with New. . .

From left to right: Chaiyapol Julien Poupart, Teerapong Wawwuttinan, Kavee Chaisila

Then, here are some of the screencaps from the movie. . .

And this scene with Mario Maurer. . .

So there you go class. That’s our lesson for today. Hope you learn something new. Now go on and Google their names. Once again, you’ve seen it first only here at your preferred blog that is not like most other blogs. Hehehe. Happy searching y’all!


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