Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines: It’s Raining Pinoy Celebrity Men!

It’s the season of the annual Cosmo Men Centerfolds once again and this year, a lot of Pinoy newcomers daringly posed for the said special issue of the mag. Ten centerfolds and for the benefit of my Thai and international readers, here are 7 of ’em courtesy of fellow blogger, MyKiRu IsYuSeRo.

Let’s start with our regular and most searched hunk, Marco Manalac. . .

Marco became a “household” name after he nabbed the role of Alan Strang in Repertory Philippines’ rendition of  “Equus” previously portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe both in the West End and Braodway. I’m Not Most People! (INMP!) got a chance to interview Marco showing the other side of the model turned VJ turned stage actor which you can read here. In this photoshoot, I’d agree with Mykiru by saying Marco resembles the face of a younger Jomari Yllana. Also published this month was Marco’s other nude shots at ‘Sense & Style Magazine’ which you’ve all seen FIRST here at INMP!. Out of the 7 hunks so far, I’d say Marco’s the bravest of them all baring it all in front of the cam.

In random order a la Miss Universe, the other spot goes to Bryann Foronda. . .

With a common name spelled uncommonly with two “n’s”, Bryann Foronda who won from Department of Education’s “Mr. Philippine Youth 2009” and represented the country at WCOPA (World Championships Of Performing Arts)  that same year. With current modeling gigs and product endorsements, I’m sure we’re gonna hear a lot from him in the future.

Next, we have someone very close to the hearts of Thai people because of his songs, Christian Bautista. . .

Christian, who looked like a bit of actor Polo Ravales in the above pic, was also featured last month at Cosmopolitan and news is that he will release his album here in Thailand with a duet from a famous Thai artist. Click here to read that article.

Joining the roster of hunks this year is Starstruck survivor and newcomer, Rocco Nacino. . .

He was one of the favorites during the reality show’s run but eventually lost it. Never mind Rocco, the runner-ups always hold the LAST LAUGH, mark my words (“,)

And now, we’d like to introduce to you Tom Rodriguez. . .

The lad doesn’t only have the face and the body—he can also act! I’ve seen him in the movie, “Here Comes The Bride” with my best friends during our reunion last May when I went back to Philippines for a quick vackay and I can tell you that this boy has a lot of potential given the right projects and management. And yeah, he was a product of Pinoy Big Brother too.

Moving on, our next Cosmoman was a product of Star Circle Quest and now a promising actor mostly playing for indie films recently, Joross Gamboa. . .

According to Mykiru, Joross underwent 5-month strict dietary requirement only munching on sweet potato and chicken meat, can you? Look at the body of Joross…it all paved off! Life is not fair, period.

And last but certainly not the least, to complete our list was Pinoy Big Brother first batch alumni turned singer turned model turned actor, heartthrob Sam Milby. . . 

Just google his name for more info…hehehe. Click on the photos to view the full size.


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