VJ Utt Greg Uttsada Panichkul’s Alleged “One-Handed Man” Video Scandal

WARNING! The post below contains some materials not suitable for young readers. If you are below 18 years of age, please skip this post immediately. Thank you.

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Do you still remember the ex-MTV VJ Asia “Utt” Greg Uttsada? Well, he was in the news again recently with an alleged masturbation clip that surfaced the internet.

According to the article published by the Bangkok Post,  mainstream media later ran details, and commented on the likeness between his tattoos and those that Utt has. One unkind site parades the clips as the ”real reason” why Utt lost his job with MTV.

However, the webcam footage of a young man doing a “self-service” was denied by Utt himself. ”I’ve come back permanently after 14 years away, only to be confronted with similar questions to those I faced last time I left,” he said. “Í don’t know what to say, I’ve answered this question so many times already, except that I feel sorry for the person who appears in the clip. I can confirm it’s not me. It’s all old news now, but I keep meeting claims like this.”

To see is to believe, right? So to “slake” your curiosity, here are some of the screen grabs from the said alleged video scandal. You be the best judge. Express your thoughts in the comment section (;-)


13 thoughts on “VJ Utt Greg Uttsada Panichkul’s Alleged “One-Handed Man” Video Scandal

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  2. hi carlo, ive been an avid reader from Dubai. Anyway my friends and I will be in Bangkok on July 7 and 8. Do you have any idea if Mario has any show where we can see him in person? Thanks a lot.

  3. u know, the video is nowhere to be found, the one in xvideos has been deleted. if it was indeed fake, there’s no reason why it has to be taken down, unless it’s real. by law, if it’s real, if the owner asked to take it down, u have to. just like collin farrell’s, tommy lee’s, & a bunch of others.

  4. What the heck is this pretty big mess! But have u guys ever thought who can post this kind of pic in the Internet? Really guys think carefully the star cannot himself put the clip then how come this is leaked? I can say 95% that this video is a fake one!

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