Hot Stuff: Nadech Kugiyima

And it’s a double meaning head(line)! Being in advertising industry for 7 years, I should know by know on how to distinguish a good copy(writing) to a so-so one. “Hot Stuff” here simply introduces the new Samsung Monte with a very shocking price deal & new features apart from their other existing models. On the other side, the ad agency made the right choice choosing the “hot model” slash soap opera actor of the moment, Nadech Kugimiya, to be their main endorser—he’s really a “Hot Stuff” right now for having a lot of media exposures these days. And to identify with the color identity of the product, the designer simply add up that orange/tangerine color (from the handset sides of Samsung Monte) to highlight the product features of the ad.

The other four male models on the background are also newbies except for the second one from left. His name is Bertram. And just like Barry (Nadech’s nickname), Bertram is one of the “hot stuff” print & ramp male models in Thailand particularly for modeling Amat’s underwear line. Here are some of the pics of Bertram during the fashion show of Amat underwear. . .

Then Bertram’s fashion pictorials in a magazine and again sponsored by Amat. . .

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