Pendong May “K”…

Remember that heckling Pinoy phrase: “Pendong may kalbo!“??? Now it’s a movie. And not because Will Devaughn is kalbo (bald) but because “Pendong” focuses on 2 more “K’s”—“Kotseng Kuba”. Yup. This is a fun road trip flick about three friends with three different lives in a journey filed with adventure, conflict and another “K”—Katatawanan (Laughter)!

Here are some behind-the-scenes and screencaps from the movie if you’re still clueless about the movie…

Hubad kung hubad...ano naman ang nangyari here???

The Fast and the F...happened here???

Boys just want to have fun! Drag queens with a hint of fashion from the 80's???

Guess what Will is doing here...

Hoy! Wag kayong bastos...humarap kayo! Hehehe...

If you are not clueless anymore and yet still curious to find out more about the movie, you may visit the movie’s official site here and thru their Facebook page here.

The movie looks so exciting! Sayang I won’t be there to watch it but will surely catch it in DVD (of course the original only!) but you guys out there in Pinas are so lucky because you can watch the Premier Night at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) tomorrow (June 20) from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Go na kayo to meet the cast & crew!!! Regular screening starts June 23 in SM Digital Cinemas (HD). So get the tickets…now na! Ang hindi manuod, mape-PENDONG KO!!! Hehehe…

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