Cyndi Lauper Live in Manila Concert (Set List & Preview)

Cyndi Lauper set the mood of the crowd with her opening song, "She Bop"...and yes, she came to us, stood up in the chair & sang!

CYNDI LAUPER rocked! She literally made her Filipino fans put on their feet to dance, jump and of course, sang with her all greatest hits & newer songs last night March 17 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Well, this is just a preview so expect more pics & videos soon from my side. My internet’s taking soooooo long time to upload. For the meantime, here’s a video of her singing “She Bop”.  And yes, I was part of the crowd there starting at the 3:36 mark 0:-))

Here’s the version of my very dear friend, Giselle who shot the video.

Opening for her was Philippines’ 80’s singer, Lou Bonnevie and Rage Band who all sang 80’s tunes.

Below is the set list of the show:

  • She Bop (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • Set Your Heart (Bring Ya To The Brink, 2008)
  • When You Were Mine (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • What’s Going On (True Colors, 1986)
  • Lyfe (Bring Ya To The Brink, 2008)
  • Just Your Fool (Memphis Blues, 2010)
  • Crossroads (Memphis Blues, 2010)
  • Down Don’t Bother Me (Memphis Blues, 2010)
  • All Through The Night (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • Time After Time (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • I Drove All Night (A Night To Remember, 1989)
  • Change Of Heart (True Colors, 1986)
  • Money Changes Everything (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough (Goonies Soundtrack, 1985)
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun  (She’s So Unusual, 1983)
  • True Colors (True Colors, 1986)
  • [By Fans’ Request] La Vie En Rose (At Last, 2003)

(Very special thanks to my good friend Giselle for giving way and letting herself video &  take photos of me with Cyn the entire time…Giselle—I owe you one dear! Got a “Bring Ya To The Brink” original/imported CD for you this Thurs!)

9 thoughts on “Cyndi Lauper Live in Manila Concert (Set List & Preview)

  1. Thanks, Carlo. I missed it like I missed my whole life. But thanks to the videos on YouTube and your articles, I felt like a was there myself. The Filipinos took great care of Cyn and she gave all her best to them! I have seen moves, arrangements, moments, and “La Vie en Rosa” that were not a regular feature on most, if not all, of her shows! She must have loved the fans out there! I’m also glad that my friend Lou Bonnevie opened for her. :))

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  3. Thanks for posting this. I was looking for a record of the set list. Seems like the Manila set list is different from the others because we don’t have Memphis Blues released here anyway. But I’m still wondering what it was she sang when she came over to our side of the floor, near the middle. I don’t remember because I was too dazed when she just stood on a chair in front of us and sang. It happened soon after the photographers were called out. Would you remember on which songs she left the stage to join the crowd?

    • check my upload in my youtube channel… snookaquino7… i have the “when you were mine”, but sad to say the audio is not that good….

  4. That was a night to remember with Cyndi, she rocks the crowd and gave all her best! Likewise, the crowd loves her too, the loud applause of the audience was the greatest accolade Cyndi ever recieved. Long live La Lauper!

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