200th Post: Cyndi Lauper Donated to the Typhoon Victims in the Philippines in 1989

Source: Liwayway Magazine / In this photo: Cyndi Lauper accepting her Platinum record award for her "True Colors" album given to her by an OctoArts International executive during her "A Night To Remember '89 Tour" in Manila

Yes, this is my 200th Post and that’s the unusual pop empress, Cyndi Lauper in the photo during her concert in the Philippines circa 1989. I thought of featuring this very rare pic which I took from Liwayway (a local magazine in the Philippines and kept it in my rare collections folder for ages) as I want my 200th featured post to be more meaningful.

When I went back to Manila last December, I was surprised to see that this rare collections folder was still alive despite of the typhoon Ondoy which hit Manila including our home in Cainta last year. Thanks to my mother and my eldest sister for keeping my “important things”…I owe them big time for this (“,)

Anyway, just to give you a few more details of the said photo, Cyndi Lauper made a two-day stint in Manila last October 1989 at the Folk Arts Theater as part of her “A Night To Remember Tour”. The concert was a huge success and it was attended by many local celebrities and even politicians despite the typhoon (not sure if that was Typhoon Saling or Tasing) which struck Philippines during that time. But no amount of rain or flood nor intense the winds are could stop the Filipino people from coming just to see and have fun with Cyndi as she performs live. Unfortunately, I was only a fifth grade pupil at that time, thus, my parents didn’t allow me to attend the said concert mainly due to the typhoon. Even her TV guesting at “Lunch Date” was missed by yours truly as I have classes in school to attend.

So instead, I waited for the magazines and song hits (song magazine) to publish their reviews and articles about her concert. One of which was the above pic. I’ll try to check the other “Cyndi Rarities” on my next visit to Manila, promise!

Anyway, going back to the featured photo, after her 2-day successful concert, Cyndi then donated Pesos 50,000 + stuff toys to the typhoon victims particularly the kids. She handed the said donations to Philippines’ Queen of Talkshow then, the late Ms. Inday Badiday. Then OctoArts International, who was the distributor of CBS Records at that time, awarded Cyn her Double Platinum Award for her “She’s So Unusual” debut LP and a Platinum Award (the exact pic above) for her sophomore album “True Colors”.

So there goes my deprived Cyndi Lauper concert experience slash story. But I know someday, I will see Ms. Lauper perform on stage. I dunno when and where but when that time comes, it’ll be the greatest idol memory I will have in my life. And if fate permits, a li’l photo souvenir with her or/and a mini-interview for my blog will be just an added bonus for me to remember. For the meantime, this is my tiny contribution to all Cyndi Fans (like me) out there…enjoy! (“,)

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