Mario Maurer in Sexy Boxer Briefs!

Is Mario Maurer stripping anytime soon??? Watch out!!!

Update: More pics from the recent issue of Volume Magazine…


39 thoughts on “Mario Maurer in Sexy Boxer Briefs!

  1. -0mg mario i laB u x0 much. -i want to see u in pers0nal
    -buT it juSt a possible. –
    see u in my dreams


  2. Mario isn’t the same in drama series, u know it’s acting! but no matter who he is in real life , still think he’s cute almost every smile! !! & eye expression! would love to see him with kwan usamanee or yaya urassaya. ..

  3. want to see Mario & Ken Phongpanu in a drama together bc, they are one of my new favorite actors! Mario always cute but Ken is handsome. ..I would choose Mario over Ken if had to pick one. why? he’s cute, funny, & most his eye expression makes a difference! !! Bling bling….wish can meet both in person! ❤

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