MARK My Words Ver. 2.0

Hear ye, hear ye! After a week of stay at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel at the majestic Chao Praya River for our recently concluded event, I’m finally home. I didn’t really have time to blog as much as I want to as my event was one of the most demanding…ever! But if you are my FB friend, then you would be at least updated of what’s goin’ on with me on-site as that’s the only quickie way I could be in touch to the social networking world using my Samsung Wifi which is by the way, don’t support WordPress blogging hence my long absence.

The guy above is no other than Mark Prin Suparat and I believe it’s taken from his recent summer pictorial for a travel magazine. Thanks to my friend Som who was tagged in the above photo by her FB friend. Here’s the cover of the travel mag anyways. . .

Got lots of laundry to do and after that, I’m off to go for a real massage…my legs & feet hurt…standing & runnin’ the whole time of our event. Will blog more soon. Ciao for now!


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