Saranae Siblow: Mario Maurer’s New Movie About How To Become A Real Man

Judging from the photo above, it seems like your favorite “Love of Siam’s” Tong or Mario Maurer in real life is going to play another homosexual role. Actually, I’m not sure of that too. His new movie titled, “Saranae Siblow” (“Siblow” means a truck in Thai) which will hit the theaters this coming 1st of April is Mario’s first comedy-comedy movie ever after his 2 consecutive horror appearances at the Rahtree sequels.

With help from my dear friend Som, here’s the more or less gist of the movie: A guy and his twin assistants Ood and Add took a job to make Eak (played by Mario) to become a “real man” hence, making the three of them as Eak’s “trainers”. The way of their training involves riding in a “siblow” or truck to find adventures while Eak learns.

The movie is an all-star cast including veteran comedians and model-actress Chompoo Araya. More pictures and the movie posters after the jump. So there you go Mario fans out there, I hope I just made your day 😉


32 thoughts on “Saranae Siblow: Mario Maurer’s New Movie About How To Become A Real Man

  1. hey have you watched Mario’s “First Love”? been looking for english subtitles for quite some time now, wondering if you have one. Thanks!

  2. You can watch First Love in Youtube. It even has an english subtitle. Watched it 7 times already. So nice!.. I really want to watch this. Unfortunately what I have doesn’t contain an english sub sigh

  3. i think this movie is great!!mario looks funny on here….where i can watch the full movie,,any suggestion?i’m really dying to watch it,,.pls help me

  4. @helllbert

    I love this guy, after Pcgy of course !!

    I brasilian fã

    ancioso pro filme lançar aki no eu País!

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