Who is Justin Agustin?

With that face, you may think that this 21-year old half-American, half-Filipino is an angel sent down to earth and made you kneel down to your knees. . .

. . .or you’d simply mistaken him as Mario Maurer. . .

Separated at birth??? Mario Maurer (left) and Justin Agustin

And if you are still not convinced, here’s an actual photoshoot of Justin and Mario together—yes, TOGETHER. . .

He can even the younger brother of Patrick Garcia. . .

Separated at birth??? Patrick Garcia (left) and Justin Agustin

A favorite, hot item right now whether it’s a ramp show, commercial or magazine shoot, there’s no denying that this Jacksonville, Florida native is creating waves here in the City of Angels. But little did you know about Justin Michael Agustin (in real life) is that he has (or had) a “homosexual best friend back in the US”. Yup! Watch this video and interpret among yourselves (;-)) Here’s another video of him for Mentol Magazine.

Talking about Philippines, this lad had already participated in a Filipino Pride Day which was good since he is half-Pinoy after all. . .

So before I wrap up this feature, here’s another photo of him which I took in front of a mini-shop at my place. He’s endorsing a famous ice cream brand so take a licklook at it. . .

Once again, you’ve seen Justin Agustin first here in this blog! I’m sure right after I publish this post, the other blogs will google, search, go to Facebook and look for more info about him while talent scouts out there will minimize time casting a fresher face like Justin through this blog…so go ahead and spread the name…JUSTIN AGUSTIN!

More pics of him in the gallery below. Have a great Saturday!


6 thoughts on “Who is Justin Agustin?

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  2. Hello Cee! Long time huh?

    I guess I was rewarded by coming to check on you because I chanced upon this very hawt post of yours. What can I say? WOW! Ang sarap nya! Hehe. *wink*

    Hmm… Makes me wonder. If the pics are drool-worthy enough, I feel like the vids would be more knee-weakening. In all these male magazines he’s modeled for, are there ones with behind-the-scenes video freebies like VCD/DVD that they do? Do these Thai mags still do that?

    I sure do hope you’re doing well there. 🙂

    Ever one of your first (chatty) fans,
    Merrick 🙂

  3. Gosh he is amazingly hot and cute with a great smile and body! But what makes me very uncomfortable is the photography of him in his underwear where you can see his penis bulging out.. Like it kinda ruins it

  4. Curious about his personal and private life,, does he cool,bad guy, nice, sick or stupid just like another model?? But i’d hope he’s silent person.

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