Arrow Handsome Man 2012

Arrow is one of my favorite brands that I usually wear for my work. Stylish and comfy, that’s how I fell in love with Arrow.

I’ve fallen for it even more when they held Arrow Handsome Man 2012, a contest in search for Thailand’s most handsome man with positive thinking and attitude.

After 6-week activities, the 11 finalists have received incredible experience including modeling, fashion show, grooming skill, personality development and camaraderie.

Here are the candidates. . .


A2 Nico Wokurka

A3 Panut Sujirungkul

A4 Trisanu Soranun





A9 Weeraphat Bee Paophongpraserd


A12 Likhit Butprom

Open for ages 18-25 years old, many aspiring lads went for the go-see including our very own Justin Agustin. . .

Justin (second from left, #13)

Justin (front row, right side)

With that angelic face and hot body, I just wonder why Justin did not make it at all . . .

Moving on, here are the Top 6 (from left to right) during the grand final night:  A4, A3, A9, A12, A6 and A7 . . .

And the winners are…drum rolls…

From Left to Right: A12 (1st Runner Up), A4 (Arrow Handsome Man 2012), A3 (2nd Runner Up)

With their cash prizes. . .

Post Note: A6 candidate posed two years ago for a sexy magazine catered for the gay audience prior to this contest. Here are some of the pics. . .

Agree? I mean, both the winners and the sexy magazine exposure of A6? ;P

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