“Hinahanap-hanap kita Manila, ang tinig mong kay sarap sa tenga. Mga jeepney mong nagliliparan. Mga babae mong nag-gagandahan. Take me back in your arms Manila. And promise me you’ll never let go.”

It’s nice to be home. My father and my eldest sister picked me up at the airport and we had some kodakan session on the huge belen at the airport before heading to our home in Cainta.

On the way home, we passed by many streets, roads and establishments. Some are new and some are old. Some I knew, some I’m familiar with and some I really don’t know. When we passed by the bridge of C-5, we saw our old apartment in Pasig. “This used to be my playground,” I said to myself. Memories of the past always give me the chills. Reminiscing them always put a smile on my face…and a sigh.

When we arrived home (in Cainta), my mother prepared tuyo sawsaw sa sukang may bawang for breakfast soon as I arrive last 8 Dec. morning. Then I munched into 4 pieces of pandesal with Eden cheese. This is really home. For once, I can forget eating my muesli or those Thai sweet desserts in the morning. Don’t care about how much weight I will gain as long as I relish on those authentic Pinoy dishes that I have written and planned on my list.

Of course, my 3-week “stint” here is not always about the sumptuous Pinoy delicacies that I’m salivating months ago but it is about reunions with high school and college klasmeyts. Then a few meetings with some Pinoy celebs. Gatherings with family & relatives. Simbang gabi. Those are only among those few things in my “to do list” while I’m here in Manila. So don’t be surprised if you only see Pinoy-related features in my blog for the next coming days (“,)


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