Allegedly Benefactor of Film Rattapoom Tokongsub Found Dead

Film Rattapoom Sia Ood

Sitthikorn Boonchim or better known as “Sia Ood” was found dead in a hotel in Phitsanulok province. It was estimated he had died two days ago before they found his body. Police ruled it was a suicide.

Sia Ood body

The handwritten suicide note found in his room

The handwritten suicide note found in his room

Sia Ood body 2

Nine years ago, a scandal broke between the then Thailand’s hottest superstar, Film Rattapoom Tokongsub and Sia Ood when the latter admitted to the media that he “supported” many young male actors and singers including Film Rattapoom. Film later on tearfully admitted to the media that he had lied about it.

Two years after, Sia Ood was jailed for cheating the public by using the royal insignia without permission to produce and sell Somdej Nau Hua amulets and was released in 2013.


Update: Bangkok Kung Fu

Here’s the time frame of the said movie:

  • June 2010 – Casting
  • September 2010 – Production starts filming
  • September 2010 – 2 weeks after its initial filming, the scandal of Film Rattapoom Tokongsub exploded resulting him to withdraw from the movie
  • October 2010 – Plot was changed to fit for the new cast
  • November 2010 –  Vitsawa “Tomo” Thaiyanon of Thai boy band, K-otic officially replaced Film on the film
  • Tentative Showing Dates – February 2011 then delayed to April 2011 and is now moved to June 2011

Hopefully they will finally show the movie in June 2011…not 2012! 😉

Film’s “Bad Vengeance Image” (After His “Bad Romance”)

After Film Rattapoom’s controversial “bad romance” scandal with actress Annie Brook and being replaced by a K-Otic Band member Tomo in his supposed to be movie, Bangkok Kung Fu with Mario Maurer and Pae Arak Amornsupasiri due in February next year, I’d say it’s OK and it’s totally understandable for Film to have this bad boy getup in the cover of Sudsapda Magazine’s November issue. Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra!