Gimme 5!

5 bulges

Yes…GIMME 5! This blog celebrates its fifth year of existence despite its hiatus and non-existence these past couple of months. But hey, I’m surprised and indeed grateful that YOU—my ever loyal readers are still here. The number of views or visits per day is still high.  I’m speechless.

And to give you some treat for being there all the time and on this special day, here are some of the highlight photos from the recently concluded concert of Thai actors Mario Maurer, Weir Sukollowat, Ken Phupoom, James Ma and Nadech Kugimiya. And when I say “highlight”, it means either bulge alert or hotness galore 😉

Mario Maurer

Mario Maurer

Ken Phupoom

Ken Phupoom

James Ma

James Ma

And last but definitely not the least. . .

Nadech Kugimiya

Nadech Kugimiya

Want a closer look of Nadech’s??? here we go. . .

nadech kugimiya wet solo 2

nadech kugimiya wet solo


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