Please Pray & Help Philippines


My blog has turned four yesterday, and today, as much as I want to write something light and entertaining to my readers, please allow me to take this opportunity to reflect and somewhat show some kindness to my fellow Filipinos especially those who are affected by the super typhoon Haiyan (also known as Yolanda) in Tacloban, Leyte.

10,000 people have been killed, thousands of lives were affected. In this time of crisis, WE, people from all over the world regardless of race, gender or religion, should all stand united and show compassion by extending our helping hands to those who are currently in need. Foods, water, clothing, medicine, services…any act of kindness, small or big—they all matter.

asean community

So a huge THANK YOU to all those who have pledged and helped! And for those who are planning to send their aid and donations…a huge THANKS to you all too! It is never too late to give your love.

On how to help and giving assistance, please check this link from TIME and look for the list of various NGOs and relief organization:

At this hour, I’m also asking EVERYONE to show respect by not posting any hurtful or offensive acts in your social networks. Please check this link:

Last certainly not the least, let me leave you a video about a tearful Philippine climate change representative who pleaded  with the world to take immediate, drastic action to reduce climate change-causing carbon dioxide emissions in an emotional speech at the UN’s climate meeting in Warsaw, Poland. Watch the emotional video here.

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