Mr. Gay World 2013 Candidates…

It is the season of pageants once again. One contest that caught my attention is the upcoming Mr. Gay World 2013 to be held from 31 July – 5 August 2013 at Antwerp, Belgium.

While waiting for the other pending candidates, in no particular order…here are my personal picks so far:



france 2 france 1

Representing France is 26-year old Armando Santos. Armando is not a newbie in the “modeling” industry. Just google his name and you will see tons of his NSFW photos which makes me wonder if Mr. Gay World is the only pageant that allows their contestants to compete whether they have a history posing nude from their past.


2013Irelandireland 7 ireland 1 ireland 2 ireland 3 ireland 4 ireland 5 ireland 6

Do I smell a mixed race for Ireland’s 26-year old medicine student Robert “Robbie” Obara? Anyway, this lad comes really with the theme: “beauty with a purpose” as he does voluntary work for sexual and reproductive health. “I enjoy doing a lot of different work in sexual and reproductive health, but more on the research side of things and mostly voluntary (including work at both the Baggot Street Gay Mens Health Service and the GUIDE Clinic at St. James’s Hospital). I also founded an organization for healthcare workers across the country, known as the Reproductive Health Interest Group of Ireland,” he says.

And did I mention that he is a Sagittarian like me? 😉



mexico 8 mexico 1 mexico 2 mexico 3 mexico 4 mexico 5 mexico 6 mexico 7

Jaime David Montes Bernal is a 25-year old model representing Mexico. Not much info on him but do share with us if you have any 😉



Who would thought that Darien Chen is already 30 years old? Not much info and photos about him too so please share with us as I am putting my bet on him too as one of the lucky finalists.


2013Philippinesphilippines 3 philippines 1 philippines 2

Okay I’m just doing my patriotic duty to my country but I do hope that Erimar Sayo Ortigas, our 29-year old representative will make it too 0:-)


2013SpainMGWspain 5spain 1spain 2spain 3spain 4

And last but definitely not the least in my list is 20-year old Miguel Ortiz who also won Mr. Gay Europe 2012 when he was only 19. Standing at 6 feet, Miguel is a national police student. Uh-huh. And if he becomes one, I’m sure everyone will commit a “crime” just to be handcuffed by Miguel and “imprisoned” them for being a “bad boy” 😉

On a post note, debuting on the said pageant is Myanmar with their 28-year old representative from Shan State, Sai Pye Myo Kyaw. Believe it or not, I knew a lot of cute, well-built Myanmar gay lads deserving to represent their country. But because they are closeted and who came from well-known families in Myanmar, I guess it won’t work really. One is a former actor-model who is now currently based in New York for his studies. The other closeted guy came from a family with a military background and is now based in Singapore. I’m just saying. Anyway, here’s the pic of Sai Pye Myo Kyaw…


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