On The Cover of Most Thai Mags: James Jirayu Tangsrisuk

james jirayu ILIKE2

So for those who are still questioning or in doubts that James Jirayu Tangsrisuk is the hottest star heart throb on the rise, then how come he’s on the cover of most Thai fashion, lifestyle and entertainment magazines for their June and July issues?
james jirayu LIPSjames jirayu LISAjames jirayu UPjames jirayu PLOYGAMPETCHjames jirayu WHOjames jirayu TENNjames jirayu ILIKEjames jirayu TVPOOLjames jirayu PAPPAYONBANTERNGjame sjirayu GOSSIPSTARjames jirayu STARCLIPjames jirayu INjames jirayu OOPSjames jirayu GOSSIPSTAR2james jirayu STARCLIP2james jirayu KWANRUEN
And lastly, here’s the cover from an entertainment magazine with a Thai caption stating: “Is James Jirayu the next Nadech Kugimiya?”

james jirayu SARANAEDARA

So could James Jirayu really follow the footsteps of Nadech? Well with Nadech, the formula to his success is that he started as a model (print, ramp, TV) followed by tons of lakorns (soap opera) from Channel 3 (same network who contracted James) before finally landing with movie deals. 

With James, his manager wants him to concentrate with soap opera and very limited ramp modelling exposures. So far, I haven’t seen him endorsing any products yet nor starred in any film.

Just for curiosity, let me know your thoughts on James Jirayu via the comment section or by casting your votes through a poll below:

Check back next week for the final results!

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