World AIDS Day: Boy Blue…In This Life

Ricky Martin as MAC Viva Glam's ambassador

Ricky Martin as MAC Viva Glam’s ambassador

Life has never been fair. Some may not care but somewhere in the darkest hour, someone will be there and give a damn about it. As we commemorate the World AIDS Day, let us take some time to pause…reflect and say a prayer for those who are currently battling this epidemic…and for those who have lost their lives and those they have left behind.

I believe that we are responsible for all the things that we do…to ourselves, to others. Sex is good, at least for the heat of the moment, but if you truly care enough for a longer, much brighter future, you will protect yourself & your partner and be safe at all times.

Personally, I’ve heard of a few deceased acquaintances and friends who did not seek of early medication nor bothered to get themselves checked up in the first place and these have all led to their early passing. That was just sad.

And very recently, a very close to my heart was infected by it. It came to me as a shock as he usually confide in me not until he truly got the results from the lab and that’s the only time my dear friend opened up with me. It was painful. It hurts. Reality sucks. The day we had a heart-to-heart conversation about it through Skype, I have consoled my friend to be thankful still that at least, he got diagnosed earlier…better than late. I told him that life still goes on, at least it is not like stage 3 or 4 cancer where the doctor will give you a few months or a year to live depending on the prognosis but with HIV, if it is diagnosed earlier and you start the treatment early, the life span prolongs.

And that’s just my own way of supporting my close friend…I have to cheer him up and remind him like a mother to start drinking all the possible prescribed meds that he could take although he opted to treat himself first with some herbals which somewhat helped him when his recent test results showed some good news that his immunity improved.

In general, both the infected one and those who are close to them have their own ways of dealing with it. Even famous celebrities like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna had their own way of dealing with it…through music. In 1986 (80’s was the height of the AIDS epidemic), Cyndi Lauper wrote a song and dedicated it to her best friend who died of AIDS titled, Boy Blue. Proceed from the sale of the song were donated to AIDS organizations. Madonna also wrote a song in 1992 titled, In This Life for her friend who died of the same thing at such an early age of 23.

So for me, that little “boy blue in this life” that both Cyndi Lauper and Madonna are referring to is my dear close friend who I know, is a fighter. And may I say that he once again became an inspiration to me to live even a healthier lifestyle 0:-)

So today, if you know of someone who is currently battling this disease, reach a caring hand to show him or her your earnest support. After all, it’s love that what makes the world go round, so go ahead and spread love…not HIV/AIDS.

With that, may I leave you with Cyndi’s “Boy Blue” here or here and Madonna’s “In This Life” here.

* * *

If you are in Manila, get yourself tested through the assistance of the Love Yourself Project. And if you are here in Bangkok, free check up and consultation are being done at Silom Clinic.


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