“Bulging” Truth “Behind” Peach Pachara Chirathivat’s New Movie “Countdown”

Pachara “Peach” Chirathivat is best known for his dual role as twins, Koong and Kay in his 2011 debut film, SuckSeed (which was aired in the Philippines by ABS-CBN a few months back) along with Love of Siam star, Kao Jirayut Laongmanee. Following the success of SuckSeed in the same year was his first starring biographical role of the young Thai billionaire, Itthipat Kulapongvanich titled, “The Billionaire” (which was also aired in the Philippines by ABS-CBN) and how he, at the age of nineteen, became one of the youngest Thai Baht Billionaires via his packaged seaweed business .

The nineteen year old heir of the Central Group in Thailand (from the Chirathivat Family who ranked fourth on Forbes’ list of  Thailand’s richest people) is back with a new flick but this time, a far more daring role from his previous characters, a suspense-drama Thai movie titled, “Countdown”  “เดอะ เคาท์ดาวน์” due to cinemas on 20.12.2012…got it?

It’s a story about three young Thai students sharing the same flat in New York and on the night of New Year’s eve “Countdown” (thus the title), instead of celebrating it outside, the three decided to stay in their room, have fun and even agreed to have “more fun” way of celebration by contacting “Jesus”—and that’s where the irony, or must I say the “ecstatic” part of the story begin.

The role, as mentioned earlier, is Peach’s first daring role ever. In this movie, Peach was generousbrave enough to show off his “goodies”: bulge & butt! 

And with that, all kudos and salute to Peach Pachara Chirathivat for moving two steps ahead of his contemporaries—something that not most Thai teenage actors will be do at the drop of the pantshat! B-)8

Sometime early this year, I got a chance to see him while I was looking for some items for our event at B2S (the National Bookstore of Thailand) in Centralworld, yes, at Peach’s very own mall. He was talking on his cell while roaming around the bookshop. He is cute in person with a very fair, flawless complexion. So after I left, I walked around the mall and once again, got a chance to bumpsee him again as he passes by in front of me. I believe he’s around 5’10” tall. So far, that’s my encounter with Peach and I’m looking forward to interview him in the near future given a chance [“,]

Watch the trailer and for those who can’t wait to droolsee Peach’s “goodies”, you may proceed to time mark 0:22 & 1:24 {*___,*}

***This post is another first from your most preferred all-purpose blogger based in the Land of Smiles—I’m Not Most People!***


2 thoughts on ““Bulging” Truth “Behind” Peach Pachara Chirathivat’s New Movie “Countdown”

  1. Hello, does anybody know, where to buy or download this movie? I saw it in Cinema and I loved it. But I can’t find any way how to see it again. Thank you

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