An Evening With Mr. Carlos Chan

Mr. Carlos Chan (middle) founder of Liwayway Marketing Corporation and maker of the famous snack brand Oishi, as President Noynoy Aquino appoints him as the third special envoy to China last month // Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News

When I first saw this link from my ditse and kumareng Rinna, I knew that Mr. Carlos Chan truly deserve to be appointed by the President of the Philippines to be his third special envoy to China.

I may have met Sir Carlos only once in 2004 (upon the request of my ex-boss who is a very prominent business tycoon in Myanmar while I was still working as the Head of Advertising & Promotions for his company who supplies wheat flour to Oishi’s Myanmar factory) but from then on, he became an inspiration to me. One will ask, “Why?”. Simple. He has these characteristics: humility and kindness—two of the most neglected pivotal qualities that a true master or a leader must possess in order to succeed in any endeavor.

Like him, his son Sir Oszen whom I met since 2000 in Yangon, inherited these characteristics plus the fact that he is really down-to-earth…a sincere person with absolutely “no air” at all.

On the night of our dinner appointment with Sir Carlos, my ex-boss and I were picked up by Sir Oszen at Shangri-la Hotel Makati. We then proceed to the Fort in one of the restaurants there where Sir Carlos and his regional manager (who I also knew since my Yangon heydays) were already waiting for us. A few introductions and shaking of hands, my ex-boss sat down on the right side of Sir Carlos while I sat beside his regional manager. Surprisingly, Sir Carlos requested him to change seats with me so he could converse with me even closer. And I was like, wow, the founder of a big corporation humbly requested me to sit beside him so he could get to know me. Flattered and honored, I was also speechless. It’s beyond surreal.

In between our sumptuous meal and a few get-to-know my ex-boss and me chat, I found myself relishing in a company of professional business magnates. But business aside, Sir Carlos’s humble way of conversing with us—personal or business-wise, have won my heart. Deep inside my 20 something self at that time, I felt a sudden urge aspiring that I want to be like him someday—or somewhat in some way.

After the dinner and just before we parted ways, Sir Carlos asked us if we have a car to take us back to the hotel. My ex-boss and I replied to him that we’re just gonna get a cab, with a genuine smile on our faces. To our surprise, Sir Carlos offered his Mercedes Benz to send us back. We refused, and refused some more but the very kind and unbelievably humble Sir Carlos insisted and decided to share a ride with his son, Sir Oszen. So my ex-boss and I appreciated his kind gesture and took his Mercedes Benz with his chauffeur who drove my ex-boss back to Shangri-la then myself to my home—as far as Cainta.

So yes, PNoy did the right choice in appointing Sir Carlos for the said position in hope to promote friendship and goodwill between Philippines and China especially with the recent dispute issues.

To Sir Carlos…God bless you, more power and represent us Pinoys around the globe on your behalf with your genuine, affectionate and innately sincere personality.

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