Man of the Rose

You may be wondering why and what on earth did I title my former blog and my Twitter account as “Man of the Rose”. Well, if you are resourceful enough or keen with the meaning of names then you would have guessed it by now: Man of the Rose = Carlo dela Rosa. It is the literal translation of my first name and surname.

“Carlo” an Italian name is used chiefly as well as in English “Charles” and in Spanish “Carlos” with its Germanic origin “Karl” which means “man”, “free man” or “strong man”. The origin on my side is that I was named after my late step grandfather Carlos from my mother’s.

“dela Rosa”in Spanish means “of the Rose”. According to my father, his great ancestors’ actual last name was Japa which in Sanskrit means a spiritual discipline involving in the meditative repetition of a mantra or name of a divine power. For whatever reason, perhaps my great, great, great ancestors find it sounding too “awkward”, they’ve changed it to “dela Rosa”…and the rest is history.

So there goes the history behind Carlo dela Rosa aka Man of the Rose, the alter ego. And it is for this reason I’ve decided to take a reboot of my former blog after nearly two years of its loooooooong hiatus.


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